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How Much Blog Content Should You Feature On Your Site?

By sharing blogs on your website, you can familiarize potential patients with the services you provide, and try to address common issues that motivate people to schedule oral health care. Your blogs also create new links for Google to index, and share, meaning you have more opportunities for people to find your page. While the… Read more »

We Provide Content That Addresses Users’ Intentions

What will a visitor to your site be interested in finding, and what kind of questions led them to your page? These are important questions to address if you want your online presence to effectively promote your practice. Simply providing relevant content, and a way to make an an appointment, can be insufficient if you… Read more »

How Blogging Can Help You Improve Your Site’s Reach

When you have more content on your website, there are more pages for Google to find, and rank, when someone in your area performs a relevant search. By posting regular blogs on your page, you have more opportunities to promote your practice. We provide original, custom content for your practice, which can be used to… Read more »

Is Your Content Relevant Enough To Rank Highly On Google?

After Google’s August algorithm update affected the ranking of websites, your page may have been affected. If you have concerns about the recent effectiveness of your SEO efforts, one issue could be the content you are providing. Consistently creating original content on your webpage can give search engine algorithms more to find, and share, meaning… Read more »

How Quality Blogs Help You Reach More People Online

Having a modern, well-maintained website can help you promote your practice, and reach more potential patients. You can extend those advantages by featuring a regularly updated blog page. It can be easy to think of blogging as recreational, or to see it as an effort to engage with people on the subject of dental care…. Read more »

Using Your Blogs To Showcase Your Knowledge And Skills

Establishing your skills, and your experience, can be important to attracting potential patients to your practice. What are you doing to effectively communicate the kind of dental services you can provide to people? When you share blogs on your website, you can open up a line of communication that lets you build your reputation, and… Read more »

Creating An Original Blog Post

Blogs can help SEO, making them an integral part of your online marketing strategy. They can also educate and inform your patients (and showcase your knowledge to potential patients). But in order to accomplish this, they need to be original and well written. Let’s look at what goes into creating an original blog post.

How Do I Choose The Right Blog Topics?

Blogging is a great way to help with your SEO while also providing important information to your patients. With that in mind, how do you choose the right topics for both educational and SEO purposes? Let’s talk about how to choose the right topics for your patients.

Can Blogging Help Local SEO?

Google is going local. The search giant understands that when we look for a service or a business online, it’s not a nationwide search, instead we want something close, something in our community. As a dentist, you need local SEO to make sure you end up in the results of a local search. Amid all… Read more »

How Do I Make My Content Readable?

Your blogs and webpages aren’t just there for SEO and marketing purposes. You also want your patients, and potential patients, to enjoy them. In addition to ensuring your content is informative and clinically accurate, it also needs to be engaging and attractive to the average person. What can you do to make your content readable?