Month: March 2014

An Analysis of Patient Communication Software for Dentists

Some professionals estimate the cost of acquiring a new patient at $200, on the low end, based on marketing expenses divided by new patient numbers. The cost of retaining a patient is estimated at six times less than marketing for new patients. So, a dental practice saves money by retaining patients. Recall, the term used… Read more »

Countdown to Hinman 2014: Will We See You There?

Jill and I are thrilled to attend the 102nd Annual Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, GA next week. Although we’ve opted not to rent a booth this year, I’d like to personally extend an invitation to connect with us and schedule an appointment time. We can discuss the latest and greatest in social… Read more »

25 Questions a Dentist’s Website Must Answer

The Speed Dating Scenario Imagine a scenario in which you’re “speed dating” for new patients. In a room full of dentists and patients, you have 120 seconds to let each patient know that you are the dentist for him/her. You have two minutes to become the perfect fit and earn a new patient appointment. What… Read more »

3 Thinking Points for the Small Business Start-Up

Important considerations for most start-up businesses fall into these categories: philosophical, physical, and practical. The “3 Ps,” if you will. Taking time to analyze each “P” during the panning phase, prior to launching a business, will result in increased confidence, sharper direction, and solid goals for the entrepreneur. Many people experience a seductive excitement about… Read more »

Should Dentists Advertise on Angie’s List?

This blog contains a fairly comprehensive look at Angie’s List and explains how dentists advertising on the review site may increase new patient numbers, in some cases. What is Angie’s List? Angie’s List is an American-based aggregator that provides members with reviews of service companies. Approximately 2 million US and Canadian households subscribe to Angie’s… Read more »

Marketing Your Dental Practice in a Recession

According to a recent poll, 70% of Americans believe the economy is still in a recession. Dental practices nationwide report decreases in production, most notably in the number of new patients. Clients come to us with concerns about losing patients to rival practices, but dentistry in a recession isn’t always about competition among dentists. As… Read more »

What Do Dental Website Visitors Want?

Everyone has preferences for colors, layout, images, and the amount of text on a website’s homepage. While what YOU like is important, dentists should consider two equally important factors in website design and development. One, what patients want is important. Two, what Google wants is important. So while a dental website should accurately reflect a… Read more »