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Local SEO Strategies For Dentists

When you look for a new business, do you just visit their location and walk in the door? Do you pick up a phone book and see what’s around? No, you don’t. No one does! Now, we use a search engine to see what’s in our area, and we make a decision rather quickly based on what sites come up and the impression we get from their websites. Often, these impressions only take a few seconds! To help ensure your office is one of the first to be seen when someone Googles a dental practice in your area, you need search engine optimization. Fortunately, the team at MDPM Dental Marketing offers local SEO for dentists that employs relevant and useful content following Google’s best practices criteria.

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Helping Your Dental Practice with Local Business Schema

Schema markup, or the information that appears on a search engine results page (SERP) when you Google a local business, helps people find what they’re looking for in their community. Google uses this information to help direct people – referred to as users – to quality businesses (and dental practices). For our clients, MDPM Dental Marketing follows Google’s guidelines for best practices to help ensure we provide optimal search engine optimization for dentists. When users look for a dentist in their community, we want Google to direct them to your dental practice’s website. But, how does Google use local business schema, and what information is it looking for to determine whether to put your website in search results?

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Giving Local SEO Efforts The Attention They Deserve

Google and other search engines can recognize when a user wants to find nearby services, and can adjust the links they provide accordingly. The efforts you make to ensure your links appear in local searches is referred to as local SEO. While many websites have little to worry about when it comes to local search rankings, your online marketing success can be closely tied to how effective you are at reaching people in and around your location. After all, people may appreciate the information you share online, but you can hardly expect someone to drive great distances for routine dental services! When working with dental offices, we make local SEO a priority in order to make you visible with the right people. Our goal as we build websites and maintain them with site content is to include information that leads to the most useful site traffic, rather than simply trying to raise your overall visits. Read More

Do You Know What Search Engines Look For When Ranking Links?

What will it take to make sure that people find your website when they search for a dental practice, or want to find information about dental health? You can safely assume that people who have questions for the internet will turn to a search engine, and Google will often be their first resort. In the past, links and keywords were heavily relied on by companies to help achieve better rankings. Over the years, search companies have made technical improvements that allow them to perform more sophisticated judgements, so that their users are gaining better information with their searches. One important aspect of what we do is make sure that your online presence is SEO-optimized to succeed today, so that Google and other search engines are giving your links higher ranks. With that said, we provide support in every area of online marketing by creating worthwhile content, offering support in website design, and providing technical support to make sure Google can easily evaluate your pages.  Read More

Improving Local SEO Efforts With Community Activity

If you want your dental practice to thrive, you should focus on ways to make yourself better known in your community. This focus on local engagement can help you build a strong reputation, and earn the trust of prospective patients. Putting efforts towards community involvement can also affect your local SEO. While it is important to produce the kind of original online content that search algorithms favor, your web presence can grow when you are more involved with matters in your area. That can be a result of online recognition from trusted organizations and groups, but it can also be as simple as keeping people updated about your community actions on social media. Read More

Why Citation Listings Matter To Local SEO

A major portion of Local SEO work is creating local business listings. A business listing is a profile found online with your business name, address, phone, and other miscellaneous information about your business. There are thousands of websites and directories where you can create listings. You may have already heard of the popular ones like Google Plus Local, Yelp, and Bing Local. Read More