Month: February 2017

Can You Send Email Blasts Without Being Blacklisted?

Sometimes, even a well-meaning practice can find themselves facing a blacklist over their email blasts. An email blast can be a great way to communicate something important to your clients. In fact, we’ve used them before as a way of commenting on Google updates or other issues that our clients are curious (or worried!) about…. Read more »

Should You Blog About Your Community?

We’ve discussed blogging many times, but we haven’t really covered community blogs. While writing about your practice, treatments, and addressing frequently asked questions is important, that’s not all your blog can do. We recommend blogging about your community and community-related events, too. You may be surprised by the benefits these can offer!

What Comes First: SEO Or Website Design?

We have a “chicken or egg” scenario many dentists face: Which should come first, your search engine optimization strategy (SEO), or your website design? In many cases, the website is created first. Then, the doctor hires a company or works with the staff to create an online marketing strategy. However, this is the wrong approach…. Read more »

Quiz: How Can My Site Improve User Experience?

The key to effective SEO (search engine optimization) is having the same goal as Google: user experience. The search giant wants users to have no difficulty finding the sites and resources they’re looking for. For you, user experience means people can easily navigate your site and find the information they need. What can you do… Read more »

Why Local SEO Is Perfect For Dental Offices

Search Engine Land is an excellent resource for the latest news and discussions about marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Recently, they featured an article written by Pratik Dholakiya, about six businesses that benefit from local SEO. We weren’t surprised to see dental offices made the list. When incorporated correctly, local can offer a serious… Read more »

3 Link Building Techniques

Link building is an important part of local search engine optimization (SEO), but one that few people are well versed in. As a result, a well-meaning dentist could end up stuffing their website with inefficient links, hurting their SEO more than helping. Fortunately, we can help! We’re going to look at three appropriate tactics for… Read more »

Can Psychology Improve Your Copy?

Writing copy can be a challenge. You don’t want your website and blog to appear like a cheap sales pitch, trying every cliché available to convince people to visit. However, you do want to appeal to your patients and remind them of the importance of preventive care, restorative procedures, and even cosmetic treatments. Can you… Read more »

What Is Retention Marketing?

More than ever, businesses are starting to focus on retention marketing. Instead of just mindlessly pursuing new customers, they’re focusing on keeping their existing customer base satisfied. As a dentist, this is also very important. Your current patients have a lot to offer your practice and focusing on them as well as your new patients… Read more »

How to Build a Rapport Through Social Media

Let’s face it, most doctors and dentists aren’t the most savvy when it comes to navigating social media. Rather than risk making a blunder and damaging their brand, or leaving themselves open to negative comments and trolls, many choose to ignore it altogether. But social media is today’s TV and radio; it’s where most people… Read more »

True or False: Does That Really Matter for SEO?

If you searched a hundred different sources, you may find a hundred different answers to the question, what really matters most to your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings? The differentiation isn’t due to uncertainty; on the contrary, Google (the world’s leading search engine) is pretty clear, albeit fairly extensive, about what constitutes the best online… Read more »