Month: April 2016

Local SEO Basics for Small Businesses

Imagine if patients couldn’t find your practice via your street address. Now imagine your phone number no longer worked. Finally, imagine that your business name had never been heard of, by current or prospective patients. What a complete nightmare it would be if your patients told you what they need, you know that you can… Read more »

4 FAQs About Blogging

Blogging is great for a number of reasons. You can solidify your reputation to potential clients as an expert in your field; you can attract traffic; and hopefully, convert that traffic to leads. Google will also crawl and index your new content, allowing you to continue to receive traffic, even when views drop off. People have… Read more »

Common SEO Myths Part Two

Yesterday we looked at a few common SEO myths. Today, we continue our series by busting a few more common myths, including some that could actually hurt your SEO if implemented. Remember, should you have any questions about search engine optimization, content, or online marketing, the MDPM team is ready and willing to help. Give… Read more »

Common SEO Myths Part One

The world of SEO is ever changing. When Google updates an algorithm, or announces a change, many people become confused as to what constitutes proper search engine optimization. As a result, there are quite a few myths floating around out there, tripping up well-meaning business owners. Let’s look at a few of these common myths.

How Reviews Impact Consumers’ Decisions

In 2015 the marketing firm Mintel surveyed over 2,000 adults for their American Lifestyles review. The poll reveals how reviews factor into consumer decisions. It shows that over 70 percent of consumers rely on online reviews before buying a product or using a service. As you can see, having positive online reviews is essential for a… Read more »

Google Updates Google + Business Page Ranking Factors

Check out the updated help page entitled: Improve your local rankings on Google. Google went ahead and added more information on local ranking factors to the page, leveling it up. Prior to this update, there were about 5 paragraphs on the topic, but now there’s nearly double that, including more specific details. How does this… Read more »

Client Feature Friday: Salt Cave On Hotels.Com

Welcome once again to Client Feature Friday! Today, we’re taking another look at our client, Salt Cave of Southlake. Recently, they were featured on It turns out, the company found Salt Cave of Southlake through their active blog. This is a crystal clear example of how a blog not only improves SEO, but can… Read more »

What are Google Local Business Cards?

If you’re thinking card stock, think again. Search engine giant a.k.a Google is at it again with a potential update to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They are exploring a new way to display search results that could have a significant impact on local search. The unofficial name stands to be “Google Local Business… Read more »