Month: August 2015

Client Feature Friday

Your website should be more than just attractive; it should convey your practice’s philosophy, and what sets you apart from the competition. With our clients, we accomplish both, in addition to optimizing their sites with original content and design/build elements. In this week’s client feature, we take a look at a new addition to our… Read more »

Defining and Optimizing User Experience (UX)

When it comes to how “good” your website is, one of the most important measures is user experience. Regardless of how often your website shows up in search results, it will be empty traffic if the site doesn’t hold visitors’ attention and guide them through the conversion funnel. However, not everyone understands exactly what user experience… Read more »

Banking on a brighter future: Profile on Andres Bedoya of BBVA Compass

Last week, we announced that MDPM Consulting will join forces with the North Texas Hispanic Dental Association, MassMutual, BBVA Compass, and Optimal Economics Capital Partners at a business seminar geared toward dentists, CFOs, and industry controllers on Thursday, September 10, here in Dallas. MDPM Founder and CEO, Jill Nastasia, will discuss what online marketing can do… Read more »

Google’s Panda Updates: Are You Keeping Up?

Google’s Panda updates set the industry standards and best practices for search engine optimization. Therefore, adhering to them is important if you want your site to continue to meet contemporary SEO guidelines and, as a result, continue ranking in search results. Recently, Google announced that its latest Panda update could take months to roll out… Read more »

What “From Google to Alphabet” Means for Your SEO

Last week, Google caused waves that are still resonating with the creation of Alphabet, which will become the parent company of Google and its conglomerate of other businesses.  Since the announcement, you might wonder how the change will affect your SEO efforts. Tailored to match contemporary Google standards, today’s SEO strategies could become irrelevant if these standards were… Read more »

4 Ways To Take Advantage Of Google’s Local Search

Consumers don’t just want to find a business or a restaurant; they want to find one within a few miles of their current location. With the right information in the right places on your dental website, you can take advantage of local searches to make your business more visible to potential patients in your community.

What Can We Expect in 2016?

We’ve talked about the way SEO has changed in 2015, but with January around the corner, what can we expect in 2016? A lot of trends in 2015 will continue to grow in importance while factors we didn’t focus on, such as voice search, will have a new importance. It’s never too early to prepare… Read more »

5 Tips for Avoiding Google Penalties

We all know what good search engine optimization techniques can bring: higher ranking on a Google search results page. In order to be seen by people looking for services in your area, you want to be on page one, preferably in the top spot. But what happens when you employ poor SEO tricks? Google may… Read more »

The Importance of Understanding Analytics

Analytics can provide your practice with a ton of data. However, you need to know how to read that data in order to translate it into a growing business that attracts new patients. In order to improve your ROI, you need to understand what your analytic data is telling you.

7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

In a previous blog, we looked at seven common blogging mistakes to avoid. This time, we’re focusing on common mistakes people make with their SEO strategy. Time and again businesses and practices continue to make the same errors believing they are boosting their rankings on a Google search results page, but then being confused when… Read more »