Better Digital Marketing For 2023 (And Beyond)

The end of 2022 is arriving, and the start of the new year is upon us. As you look back on the successes and frustrations that your dental practice faced in these past twelve months, you may want to look at what your online presence did—or did not—do to help you grow. With the right approach to search engine optimization (SEO), website management, and digital marketing, you can make your services easier for people in your area to find. However, when you are not keeping up with online marketing trends and best practices, you can effectively shrink from view while competing offices become more prominently placed in search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you want 2023 to be a year where your dental practice grows, take a look at what you can do to better represent yourself online. With the help of MDPM Dental Marketing, your digital outreach can change for the better, making it easier for potential patients to find you. We provide a comprehensive approach to support for this kind of marketing. You can count on us for website development and updates, online support, and even content creation for both your site and your social media spaces. We can also help you make smart use of changing trends and technology to update your site in ways that make it more useful for new and existing patients. Read More

The Limitations Of An Outdated Website

Your ability to reach people in your area and bring them to your dental practice for care can depend on how you present yourself online. The importance of digital marketing in a wide array of fields is difficult to overstate. Breaking through and reaching high ranks in relevant Google searches will depend on your SEO efforts, but you may be limited in what you can do by an outdated webpage.

SEO refers to search engine optimization. Better SEO means your website does more to effectively communicate with Google and other search platforms, which can ultimately make you appear higher in the right searches. Both content and technical features contribute to it, but what you can do may be hurt by a lack of the right features. Your pages may not be fully responsive, which means they are less readable on phones and tablets. You can also miss out because you lack the ability to add metainformation that makes your links easier to read and rank. With the support of MDPM Dental Marketing, you can move on to a new site or make updates to your current one. Our services also include dedicated support after your site has been improved to connect with more people and make your outreach online more impactful. Read More

Boosting Your Reputation With Online Marketing

Someone who has never set foot in your practice can make assumptions about it, and about the kind of experience you provide patients, after going online. This can work to your advantage if you have the right information available. The right website, online reviews, and other forms of digital information can help you build a solid reputation with people in your area who have yet to visit you. As a result, you can grow your office and fill your schedule!

Working with MDPM Dental Marketing ensures you have comprehensive support for online activities. Building and maintaining a website is certainly important, but it is just part of what you can do to effectively make yourself more visible and attract more patients to your office. One way we help is by offering reputation management support. This takes different forms, as it can range from making sure your information is in the right places to coordinating your social media efforts to reflect you and your approach to dental care. It also means support with online reviews, including coaching and support on responding to less favorable feedback. Read More

Can Your Website And Social Media Help Each Other?

Having a website for your dental office can help you reach more people, and it can give existing patients a good resource for contacting and keeping up with you. Many businesses will operate on different social media accounts to create these points of contact. Even if your practice seems to have little to gain from online activity, you can be surprised by how much having both can help you. In fact, the right overall approach to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and making more people in your area aware of your dental practice can rely on making sure these two channels actually work together to extend your digital reach!

With the aid of MDPM Dental Marketing, you benefit from experience in both social media and website marketing. As we work to boost your visibility online and make sure more potential patients learn about your practice and services, we can coordinate activities with social media and your website. That means making sure one is accessible from the other, and it also means using both strategically to share information and create more links that Google and other search engines can find and share. Read More

Have You Lost Your Google Business Reviews?

After previous issues with user suspensions, Google Business Profile is causing new headaches for small businesses as user reviews are being deleted. For a dental office or any other small business, these reviews hold significant value. They can have a meaningful effect on how ready someone is to trust in the care you offer and reach out for an appointment. Positive reviews can also make the digital space dedicated to your practice more attractive to the algorithm, which means your SEO enjoys a boost. This kind of unexpected issue can make the already challenging task of maintaining your visibility online even harder. Fortunately, when you have the right guidance and support, setbacks become easier to surmount and move past.

MDPM Dental Marketing provides support for the different channels of digital marketing your practice can pursue. One of those channels concerns the matter of reputation management. From helping you solicit more positive reviews from patients to supporting you when review deletions and other problems occur, we can help you see more benefits from being online. Read More

Website Features For Your Patients

What can you really expect from a website you create for your dental office? A well-made and modern site can make it easier for you to reach more people in your area, show up more frequently in the right online searches, and generally boost your visibility. Having the right features will also help you by making your site more useful to your current patients! Changing technology can affect different aspects of a person’s experience with your website. Upgrading or replacing an old site can mean providing a web presence that lets people address payment matters, schedule care, review wait times, and more!

MDPM Dental Marketing is ready to help you with different aspects of digital marketing and website support. As part of that support, we can help you do more with your site by using it as both a means of growing your practice and a welcome resource for the people who already rely on you for smile care. Beyond offering technical assistance, we can offer guidance on design choices that help you establish your brand, provide original content to reach more people, and help you take advantage of different social media platforms. Read More

What Your Website Says About Your Dental Office

How can you help someone looking for dental work in your area know what to expect from your practice and services? You can expect that many people seeking smile care near you will look for services online. This means the visibility and quality of your website can play a big role in both introducing you to potential patients and persuading them to make their appointment with you. A website that is outdated can have trouble with this—in addition to being harder to find, older pages with outdated and unattractive designs can leave a negative initial impression. Fortunately, MDPM Dental Marketing is ready to help you make the right updates to turn your digital presence into a strong asset for your practice!

Our digital marketing support can fully support you in your efforts to reach more people. Our focus on organic and locally targeted SEO can make you easier to find by people near you. Our support throughout the process of developing and designing your website can also ensure that you have the right features and the right look to present yourself professionally. Beyond just being nicer to look at, a site with the right design can help you convey more about who you are and what kind of care experience you provide. Read More

Using Site Content To Boost Your SEO

Having a website is important for reaching more people in your community and growing your dental practice. With that said, what you do with your digital space will have a significant effect on the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. Even if you have a well-made, modern site with great information, you need to think about how your platform can be optimized in a way that makes your links more likely to show up in the right Google searches.

MDPM Dental Marketing offers comprehensive support for the development and maintenance of your website. We can also provide ongoing support to boost your SEO—Search Engine Optimization—that makes links more appealing to Google and other search engines. One way to do this is through the creation of original, relevant site content. Consistently sharing posts relevant to your services and the office experience you provide can help people see the appeal in visiting your practice and help Google find more of your content to share with people searching for smile care in your area. Content can be an important part of a larger focus on organic SEO, which can help you see lasting value from your efforts to promote yourself online. Read More

Why Is My Dental Office Hard To Find Online?

Having a website dedicated to your dental office is important. However, your digital presence will have little value if no one can find it! Ultimately, many practices that simply make a website and leave it be can find that it fails to effectively grow their business. There are different reasons for this—competition from other relevant sites, changes in technology, and the failure to maintain a modern and attractive page are just a few of the reasons why your site struggles.

MDPM Dental Marketing provides comprehensive support for online marketing. Your digital presence can be a way to attract new patients and share information with current patients. Our support can ensure that your online space is optimized for better search engine rankings, as we provide original content to help boost visibility, technical support, updates and new site builds, and even support through different channels like social media! When you have the right information and support, you can discover just how helpful the internet can be in growing your practice! Read More

Building A Fully Responsive Site

If you want to reach people in your area who need to schedule dental care, you should make sure you are easy to locate online. Search engine optimization and original, relevant content are important to your overall efforts at reaching people. With that said, you should also think about the experience people will have when visiting your website. Many people who locate your links will do so while using smartphones and tablets, not just laptops and desktops. What this means is that your website should be responsive to these different formats to provide optimal viewing experiences. If your site is not yet up to this standard, MDPM Dental Marketing can help!

Having your website redesigned or rebuilt becomes necessary every few years, as doing so lets you keep up with changes to technology and design trends, and it ensures you are not missing important features. Beyond just thinking about the responsiveness of your pages, think about what you miss out on when you lack the capacity to provide the right technical SEO, or what can happen when older pages make people feel less motivated to seek out your services. Read More