Should I Pay For Better Google Placement?

SEO conceptBetter Google placement is not the only way to make sure people find your dental office, but it is an important one. Many potential patients can be counted on to use the search engine to see who provides oral health care near them, and your ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) can be crucial to reaching them. With that in mind, you may feel that your best shot at filling out your appointment book lies in purchasing space among Google’s sponsored posts. Can doing so help you rocket to the top of the right search queries and bring more people to your website? There are advantages to paid SEO (search engine optimization), but without the right guidance, you may end up spending more and gaining less in the long term.

MDPM Dental Marketing provides long-term SEO support that includes help with the design and maintenance of your website, the creation of original content, and more efforts at fostering sustainable and organic growth. Through a better long-term strategy, it is easier to keep your reach extended and have more impact from online marketing. With that said, we can work with you on including paid SEO as part of that long-term plan to support your practice. Read More

The Risks Of Using AI Content For Dental Copy

SEO and site copy conceptOnline technology and activities continue to change in ways that affect our daily lives and business practices; some of these changes have affected dental offices throughout the country. Beyond simply setting up a website for your practice, you can find that you need to keep up with shifting digital marketing strategies to make sure people can find you on Google and in other relevant spaces. MDPM Dental Marketing provides sustained support after your website is made live to help you grow your reach organically. One way we do so is by providing original, relevant site copy for blog posts and different pages. The links, keywords, and metadata we generate in making those posts give you several benefits concerning your ability to reach potential patients.

The improvements in AI-generating programs like ChatGPT may raise questions about the role computer-produced language can play in the medical field. Because these programs can generate longer content in the forms of blogs, essays, and website copy, you may have questions about their impact on digital marketing. For dental offices and other medical practices, there are risks to relying on automated writing. Accuracy issues can leave you vulnerable to false advertising, which can carry serious penalties as a healthcare provider. You also lose out on the ability to hone your writing to fit your specific practice and local audience. More generally, Google’s recent algorithm update raises concerns that less original, computer-generated content can negatively impact search engine optimization (SEO). Read More

Is Your Website A Reflection Of Your Dental Office?

dentist thinkingYou want your patients to receive a friendly welcome, and you want them to feel at ease when they are in your waiting room. After all, poor treatment upon arrival can leave people with a lower opinion of your services before you even have a chance to care for them! What you should realize is that a would-be patient’s first impression of you can form before they set foot in your office. If someone finds you online but feels less than impressed by your website, you are less likely to see that digital visit turn into a real one. You can also leave people with the wrong idea about your practice and services because your website, while in better condition, is not a good extension of who you are or the type of care that you like to provide.

MDPM Dental Marketing works closely with dental offices to create websites that truly suit them. Personalized sites provide more freedom to design something that truly feels right for you. It also allows us to make sure you benefit from modern site features that help your pages look and run better. Site design and maintenance are just part of our overall commitment to your SEO marketing—we can provide ongoing support to help you expand your reach and bring more patients to your office! Read More

How Content Quality And Originality Affect SEO

SEO conceptWhat you say on your dental office’s website is certainly important. You can make potential patients feel welcomed even before they set foot in your office, and you can provide important information regarding your services and office policies that you want people to know. Of course, it is important to focus on more than just what you are sharing, as the quality of your site content can change the impressions you leave with patients and impact your ability to reach more people online.

Content that you share on your site is just one of several factors that can impact search engine optimization (SEO), which refers to efforts to raise the rankings of site links on Google and other search engines. The recent changes to Google’s core algorithm have changed how sites are being evaluated, which can be disruptive to your reach if you do not respond properly. This latest change can be an issue for sites that depend on low-quality writing, including the kind of content that is produced through generative AI content. MDPM Dental Marketing provides original, high quality content to avoid negative evaluations from Google’s algorithm and to make sure your practice is better represented by your website. Read More

The Importance Of Locally Focused SEO

local SEO conceptYou want more than just a website that receives a high number of visitors. To ensure that your web presence actually supports your dental office, you need those visitors to be people in or near your community. After all, those who are not in relatively easy driving distance from you are less than likely to become patients! A smarter approach to digital marketing can help dental practices and other businesses that need to focus on their local reach. Through efforts to improve your local SEO, MDPM Dental Marketing can help you make sure that the people who are in or around your location are the ones who see your links. We do this in several ways. In addition to making sure your contact and location details are accurate in all spaces and included in the meta information read by Google’s algorithm, we can provide content that emphasizes where you are and who should see what you feature on your site. Read More

What Dental Offices Should Know About Online Reviews

online review conceptSo many of our decisions we make are at least partly shaped by what we find online. When someone in your area needs to find a dentist, you can safely assume they will use their phone, tablet, or computer to learn more about who provides smile care around them. This is why SEO (search engine optimization) matters—the right site and the right activity make it more likely your website links will show up near or at the top of someone’s search results. Of course, people rely on more than just website links and social media activity when they judge a dental office or any other business. Many will make a decision after browsing digital reviews.

Online feedback can seriously impact your practice, and you can be hurt by more than just the presence of poor reviews. If reviews left for your practice lack responses, or if you have too few reviews, you can lose out on potential appointments. MDPM Dental Marketing makes reputation management part of our support package for our clients. We can help you secure more reviews from your patients, direct those reviews to the most beneficial spaces, and help you craft and share responses to negative feedback when appropriate. It is hard to overstate the influence that digital feedback has on the average consumer, which is why the feedback people give you on Google, Yelp, and other review sites should be taken seriously. Read More

Tracking The Effects Of Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

SEO conceptOnce your website is up and running, you can feel excited to sit back and wait for all the site visits to roll in. Unfortunately, this kind of passive strategy can have less benefit than you hoped for, particularly as time passes. One reason a static approach to online marketing is limited is because Google will make updates to how it ranks sites, which means your once-prominent links can start to fall in rankings even though you have not changed anything.

This month saw Google introduce a core algorithm change. While they do not share the specific changes made, these kinds of updates can be disruptive to search rankings, making attention to site metrics important. MDPM Dental Marketing provides ongoing SEO support once your website is ready to receive visitors. We do this to help your links stay visible, but we also do this to help protect you against these and other changes that happen over time. We should note that in addition to focusing on your site’s SEO, we also supply support through social media and reputation management efforts, guidance on paid SEO, and more. Read More

Website Features You May Be Missing

woman happy looking at website Can you still count on your website to reach people in your area and bring in more patients for your dental practice? Over time, a site that was optimized for SEO can fall in relevant search rankings, even though nothing about it has changed. That stasis can be the root of your trouble—as new features and site technology are introduced, newer pages gain advantages over yours. Between this phenomenon and shifting preferences for site design, you can find that your pages need to be updated or even replaced if you want to maintain SEO and keep attracting new people to your office.

MDPM Dental Marketing has experience in assisting clients as changes to technology and design affect SEO priorities. One way we can help is by offering a free site audit, which can help you understand how your site might have fallen behind. Different qualities like a responsive design and interactive features can be vital to regaining your hold on digital marketing hold. In addition to helping you on these fronts, we provide original site content, social media assistance, and more forms of support to help you grow your practice! Read More

Are You Missing Out On Positive Patient Reviews?

positive online review conceptIt is safe to assume that the people who count on you appreciate what you do to care for their teeth. Because many people rely on the reviews they find online when looking for dental care and other services, your practice benefits when your patients express that appreciation on Google and other platforms. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to encourage people to share how they feel without some help. As part of our larger strategy to support your practice through website support and digital marketing, we can help you secure the right reviews in the right spaces! Doing so can boost your reputation and also make your website more attractive to search engine algorithm.

MDPM Dental Marketing is here to help with more than just establishing your website, as we provide enduring support with online marketing. That means taking care to boost your SEO organically with the right activity on your site, but it also means taking advantage of other channels, such as your social media and your online review spaces. Our reputation management services help you secure more positive feedback, effectively respond to any negative reviews you receive, and generally make sure people see more favorable information about you when they search for a dentist. Read More

What A Free Site Audit Can Do For Your SEO

SEO conceptOnce your website is made public, all you have to do is set back and let potential patients find it…right? Maintaining a digital presence is important, as people increasingly depend on the internet as their sole resource for finding dental care. The trouble is that because so many people understand this, you can count on other practices to be present online, too. That means your website may be more difficult to find simply because others have done a better job with their SEO.

SEO—search engine optimization—refers to efforts to make your webpages more valuable to Google’s search algorithm. The right kind of SEO efforts can ensure you rank highly in relevant searches, so people who are looking for what you offer are more likely to find you. Having a website matters, but you see less value from yours when you receive low rankings. MDPM Dental Marketing provides free site audits that evaluate your appeal to search engine algorithms. The feedback we provide can help you understand why your online activity is not yielding the benefits you hoped for, and it can give you a path for making improvements. Assistance with organic and technical SEO are important, but they are just a few forms of support we provide our clients. We also provide new website builds and designs, social media support, and guidance in beneficial matters like PPC advertising and digital reputation management. Read More