The Value of Reputation Management for Dentists

What is reputation management? Well, simply put, this is the process of ensuring users can find valuable information about other’s opinions regarding your services and practice, from online reviews to an active and engaging social media presence. Not only does this help gain new business for your office, but MDPM Dental Marketing will explain how reputation management also helps improve your SEO!


Online Reviews

Before you try out a new product or visit a new restaurant, one of the first things you’ll do is go online and see what other people are saying. Online reviews are crucial for good reputation management! Google’s bots want to direct users to the sites most likely to address their question or provide the services they need. To do this, they crawl and index a website and then sort results in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). They don’t just look for the presence of reviews or for a host of five-star reviews, but instead verify these reviews are authentic. If a company or dentist spams Yelp or Facebook with fake five-star testimonials, Google will know. Not only does this prevent your rankings from rising, but could actually cause them to plummet. You’ll be better off with a mix of favorable and unfavorable authentic testimonials than a slew of fake five-star ones. Authentic reviews, even if they are not all positive, are necessary. We will work with dental professionals to encourage authentic testimonials, whether through making links to Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp pages easily available on the website or assisting in creating promotions. We even provide signs to post in-office and information to share on social networks!

Active Social Media

Reputation isn’t just about what people are saying, but also what you’re saying and how you interact with your patients and others online. Having an active social media presence across multiple platforms is an excellent way to improve your authority on the subject of dentistry to Google’s bots. This is why we create and manage pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, and other accounts. We want to make sure you’re responding to messages, addressing negative reviews with potential solutions, and engaging with people commenting on posts. To create content, we share your blog posts and also have our Social Media Kit. With the Social Media Kit, we provide 15 or more posts a month for free for clients with a monthly SEO package. These posts include informative dental topics, timely subjects related to the current pandemic, holiday posts, and even a joke or smile-related quote. We also have a photo booth kit so you and your team can take fun pictures to share on social networking accounts. All of this is incredibly valuable especially now that many practices must limit their treatments to emergency care only, so you want to stay engaged with your patients until you can open your doors again!

SEO and Incorporating Reviews into Your Dental Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strives to make your website and practice attractive to Google and other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo. That way, when people search for services in your community, these search engines direct them to you, ideally in the first two or three results on a SERP. In addition to being attractive to search engines, you want to make sure the results a query uncovers are positive, too. With reputation management, we want to use what people are saying, and an active social media presence to cultivate positive results. After all, most people won’t make a decision about whether to visit your office based on your store-front or your beautiful waiting room interior, although those are still very important. They make these decisions based on what people are saying, and what they discover when looking for dental care in their community. To make the process easier, there will be noticeable icons for your social pages so people can locate them easily and follow you. With time, you may see more people sharing and commenting on your statuses or reading your blogs. The more engagement Google and others see, the more they will value your authority on the subject, boosting your SEO and improving your rankings on a SERP. We know that dentists and their staff rarely have time to manage social networking accounts, and we understand. Right now, your focus should be on checking on patients with calls and emails, maintaining these connections until you can open the doors once more for general, preventive, cosmetic and other elective dental treatments. This is why MDPM Dental Marketing is happy to help you maintain these pages, ensuring there is a steady flow of new and engaging content to better manage your reputation online.

If you have any questions about how to encourage positive reviews and stay active on social media, please give our team a call. While your services may be limited at the moment, we can make sure your marketing plan remains strong so you can bring more patients in the door once restrictions in your community are lifted. We’d also be happy to talk you about our monthly social media kits or photo booth.

MDPM Dental Marketing Provides Reputation Management

Managing your reputation online is beneficial for attracting new patients and improving SEO, helping practices and dental professionals enjoy better positions on a SERP. At MDPM Dental Marketing, we want to make sure that when people look online for a dentist or specialized service, they like what they see and read about your practice. To learn more about a solid reputation management strategy, please call MDPM Dental Marketing today at 972-781-8861. Remember, even if your doors are currently closed, that doesn’t mean we can’t start laying the ground work for attracting new patients when your doors open again!