Keeping Your Site Fresh With Quality Custom Content

quality custom content dallas txEven if your website looks gorgeous, that is not all that it is designed to do. When it sits without an update for an extended period of time, it can look invisible to the public. This is because the most popular search engines rely on activity to be able to show their users up-to-date information. If you had your website designed and are not implementing quality custom content, you could be missing out on valuable new patients due to poor search engine optimization.

With our team of digital marketing experts at MDPM Dental Marketing, you can be sure that your website continues to work for you even after it goes live. We keep a staff of copywriters on hand to keep creating custom longform blog and website content so that your site stays fresh. Connecting with your community does not have to be a struggle if you have custom content to help boost your search rankings, so give us a call today to learn more about improving your online presence!

Search Engines Need To Show Active Websites

When it comes to your search engine rankings, it is important to demonstrate that you are active. You might think that this is unnecessary, as you are open every day and accepting new patients. But changes to your website are how these search engines know that they are sharing accurate information. If your website has remained the exact same for years now, how can they tell that you are still in operation?

There are ways that you can maintain the look that you love while still feeding the search engine algorithms. One of these is by continuing to maintain a blog, which is one of the most popular ways of introducing new procedures and technologies to the public. If there is something that you would like your community to know about you, posting quality custom content related to it can help you spread the message.

Our Custom Blogs Are Written By People, Not AI

These days, it seems like artificial intelligence is taking over every industry. Online content is an area where this has been very popular, but there are serious problems that can come with relying on AI. Above all else, you want to be sure that you are sharing accurate information with your neighbors, and as a medical professional, your blogs need to be precise. This approach can also push people to services that you do not provide, so work with a team that uses actual writers, not AI.

Boost Your Online Presence With Quality Custom Content From MDPM

If your website just is not getting the job done, talk to our team about improving your online presence. Call MDPM Dental Marketing at (972)781-8861 today for a free analysis of your online presence!