Maintaining An Active Site For SEO

active siteWhen people visit your website, you want them to know that you take good care of it. You also need to make sure that the most popular search engines out there see your activity. An estimated 82% of all websites out there online are not continuously maintained and updated, and search providers such as Google and Bing use this information when deciding who to put at the top of the page.

With the team at MDPM Dental Marketing, you can be sure that your website continues to work for you long after the design team completes its final revision. Our group of digital marketing experts includes staff copywriters, and we pride ourselves on creating custom content that is actually written by humans. There have been too many recent instances of artificial intelligence providing inaccurate (and sometimes illegal) information to the public, and when you work in a healthcare-related field, you can’t afford to give people the wrong idea. When you want accurate copywriting, turn to our team and share the right information with your neighbors!

Popular Search Engines Look For An Active Site When Making Recommendations

When search engines give someone a result about a local business, they want to make sure that they are providing helpful information. One of the ways that they identify quality websites to share is by taking a look at the activity on the website. If one has not been updated or changed in a few years, it might be because the business has gone out of business or changed names.

This can be a problem for any company, but for those in healthcare industries, inactivity can be especially harmful. These days, your prospective patients want to know that you continue to provide great service for your community. Popular search engines want that as well, so keeping yourself up to date with an active site is an essential part of digital website marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Can Give Your Patients The Wrong Information

So, your website needs to show activity in order for popular search engines like Google and Bing to recommend you to their users. This can be done through the addition of new content on a blog or the main page of the website. If this is primarily done for SEO use, why not just use AI-generated writing for your long tail content?

The issue with AI-created content is that it is difficult to ensure quality. For some businesses, that might not matter, but for some industries, it can post a serious problem. When you want to see accurate writing about healthcare services, a team of talented copywriters can help.

MDPM Dental Marketing Provides Custom Content For Your Website

If you have been meaning to upgrade your website, talk to our team about the advantages of custom content. To find out more about how our copywriters can help you have an active site the right way, give us a call at MDPM Dental Marketing at (972) 781-8861 today!