Celebrate National Dentist’s Day!

national dentist's dayMarch 6th is a special day in the world of oral health. I am talking, of course, about National Dentist’s Day, which highlights the work of our amazing oral healthcare professionals every year. The first full week of March is also Dental Assistants Recognition Week, meaning that this month is a fantastic time to show off your team to new and returning patients. Have you made a plan to showcase your skills for these exciting celebrations?

At MDPM Dental Marketing, our team of expert digital marketers can help you to connect with your community. Both your beloved existing patients and those important new smiles want to see you, and maintaining a positive presence can go a long way in earning their trust. Taking some time in March to highlight who you are is a great first step in showing that you are a friendly neighborhood oral health team, so take advantage of this opportunity. To find out more about marketing strategy and implementation, give us a call today!

Do You Struggle With Putting Yourself Out There?

For many dentists, it can feel unnecessary to highlight who you are and where you come from. After all, the dental work should be the deciding factor for new patients, right?

The truth is a little bit different than you may imagine, however. These days, your prospective patients see a barrage of advertisements every time that they pick up their phone, and it becomes harder each day to find that personal relationship that people want. This means that your patients want to see you in action on social media, and they love to know that you are personable and trustworthy.

Engage Your Community For National Dentist’s Day

During March, there are two celebrations that can really help you to show yourself off to both new and existing patients. The first is National Dentist’s Day, which happens on March 6th of every year. This should be a shining moment for your practice, as it provides a key opportunity for you to talk a little bit about yourself. A combination of digital and physical marketing can be especially helpful here, so if you have been planning a new promotion, now is the time.

In addition to National Dentist’s Day, the first full week of March also brings us Dental Assistants Recognition Week. Your staff is a key part of why your patients love you as a provider, so do not let this week go to waste. Plus, recognition of their hard work can go a long way in boosting office morale.

Need A Dental Marketing Solution?

If you find yourself without the digital marketing strategy you need to capitalize on National Dentist’s Day and Dental Assistants Recognition Week, talk to our team about upgrading your web presence. To find out more, give us a call at MDPM Dental Marketing at (972) 781-8861 today!