Client Feature: Grinnell Street Dental

Grinnell Street Dental’s new website

We would like to introduce you to Grinnell Street Dental, a wonderful client we have worked with for the past six years! Grinnell Street Dental services the Sheridan, WY area, where they help community members deal with dental troubles, missing teeth, and cosmetic smile problems. Drs. Justin and Cody L. Coon and their team provide a friendly atmosphere for patients, on top of terrific dental care. We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with them, too! Over our six year relationship, we have focused on organic SEO efforts to help them reach more people with their online presence. Over time, we’ve become more involved in helping them with their digital marketing needs. In fact, we recently took on the task of replacing their old site with a brand new page!

Grinnell Street Dental Offers Impressive Dental Work

At Grinnell Street Dental, Drs. Justin and Cody L. Coon provide a range of dental services to people in and around the Sheridan community, and nearby areas. For patients in need of routine dental services, their hygienists provide a friendly welcome, and a thorough teeth cleaning experience, before the expert evaluation.

One area where Grinnell Street Dental excels is in providing a great experience during restorative dental work. Their patients receive metal-free fillings that are dependable and discreet. For those who need dental crowns, CEREC technology is on site to produce a restoration in just one visit! On top of checking for common problems like dental decay and gum disease, their practice is equipped to help people with problems like TMJ dysfunction and bruxism.

Of course, not every person who schedules dental care is trying to improve their oral health. For people in the Sheridan area looking for quality smile work, the practice offers several cosmetic dental procedures. Teeth can be visually restored through dental bonding and contouring, or with porcelain veneers. They can also help people show off whiter teeth by offering both at-home and in-office whitening treatments.

How We Help Grinnell Street Dental Reach Potential Patients

For Grinnell Street Dental’s website, we provide blogs that communicate the quality of their services, and the many contexts where a patient might benefit from a treatment. Effective blogging means more than just putting a spotlight on their CEREC dental crowns in one blog, then moving on to discuss porcelain veneers in the next. To provide truly effective content, we provide metadata in each post that helps search engines like Google “read” our work, while also finding natural ways to address concerns that people in their area are likely to have. We also take care to include details that make it easy for Google to know where their practice is located, so people near Sheridan are more likely to see links to their site.

In six years, Google has made many updates that have changed what an effective SEO strategy looks like. We keep track of new information on good online marketing habits, and updates to Google’s algorithm. As a result, we continued to post blogs for Grinnell Street Dental that could rank highly in relevant searches. Of course, because we have always emphasized the importance of custom, well-made content, we have not had to change as much as other online marketing companies.

When Google and other search engines update, they have a goal in mind – give their users more useful information. Rather than try to “trick” search engines by stuffing keywords and links into each post, we have emphasized the importance of sharing site content that engages and informs visitors. As Google and other sites have improved on their ability to weed out low-quality content, our focus on organic SEO has helped us consistently improve clients’ online visibility!


Grinnell Street Dental’s old website

Our History With Grinnell Street Dental

Starting in 2013, we have worked with Grinnell Street Dental to help them reach more people in their area through organic SEO services. While we have been overseeing this part of their online marketing outreach, other companies were hired to cover their social media needs, to address their online listings and citations, and some of their blogging.

Sourcing several different companies to handle pieces of their online marketing led to problems, and on several occasions they found themselves poorly served in important areas. Meanwhile, we were able to continue aggressively pursue organic SEO efforts to make sure that people in and around Sheridan would find their links whenever they turned to social media to find a dental practice, or when they had questions about their oral health. While we have steadily taken on more of their online marketing services, we were only recently able to arrange one particularly important task – replacing their website, which was designed back in 2013!

Developing Their New Website

A typical life cycle for a website is three to four years. Thanks to our ongoing efforts to support their previous site’s SEO, we were able to extend its value. However, even with these active measures, an older site can lack too many technical features to remain competitive. Updating their page allowed us to improve its design, to make sure they looked great on desktops and mobile devices, and include modern technical features sites use to communicate with search engines. When you compare their previous site to their current one, you can see how their web presence is more visually appealing, and easier to navigate!

The Importance Of Updating Your Online Presence

You may not be around to properly introduce yourself, and your practice, to a potential patient. This may sound strange, but think about how often you rely on the internet to look into a company, or to find a local service. When patients want to find a dentist, they can look at your website before they ever see you in person. When they find a page that appears outdated, unattractive, or difficult to use on a mobile device, they can come away with a less than favorable first impression. If you think you might have a problem with an outdated web presence, we can help!

Find Out How MDPM Consulting Can Help You Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts!

We are proud of the services that we have provided to Grinnell Street Dental over the years, and we are so glad they have an awesome new website to help them attract new patients! If you have questions about online marketing and SEO, or if you think you may be due for a new website, reach out to MDPM Consulting! We are a Dallas-based online marketing company with experience in content and digital marketing for dental practices. If you have questions, or if you want to learn how we can help you grow your practice, contact MDPM Consulting at 972-781-8861.