How We Help Dental Offices Promote A Specific Focus

The right efforts to promote your practice online should lead to the right people finding your website. When we work with clients, we focus on organic SEO efforts that have a better local reach. After all, a visitor to your website from halfway across the country is not likely to set an appointment with you! Our targeted efforts are about more than just geography. For instance, we have a new client, Dr. Steve Brown, whose practice focuses on dental implant work. Rather than push general dental topics, we make sure all of his site’s content is targeting people who would be interested in addressing tooth loss. If your practice has a specific focus, we can tailor your SEO experience in order to help you reach the right people!

Helping Dr. Brown Promote His Work With Dental Implants

Dr. Brown’s office is called The Dental Implant Place, so it should be pretty obvious what his focus is. Dr. Steve Brown has spent more than a decade working exclusively to help people regain a complete smile with the aid of dental implants. As he continues to provide this service, he has kept up his continuing education while also giving lectures to other dentists about his work in this field.

At The Dental Implant Place, the goal is to restore a person’s smile through implant work that is minimally invasive. He has found ways to make small-diameter implants and mini-implants effective for dental work. Dr. Brown even innovated a technique to allow for same-day extraction and implant restoration!

If someone pushed the kind of SEO efforts that any dental office could benefit from, Dr. Brown’s website could be more visible, but many people who find their site will have little use for their services.

We make sure that his site’s technical information, organic content, and online promotion are focused on reaching people who have experienced tooth loss. In other words, rather than treat dental care like a broad subject, we emphasize the benefits of dental implants, the importance of restoring your smile, and Dr. Brown’s particular approach to implant dentistry. A site that truly supports Dr. Brown’s practice is not just the one with the most visitors, but the one that is best suited to engage people who are interested in addressing tooth loss.

We Can Do More Than Promote General Dental Services For Clients

We provide online marketing support for many different general and family dental practices. Thanks to our years of experience working with dental offices across the country, we know how much good the right website design, content, and SEO efforts can do to make a practice more visible. With that said, we also recognize how the needs of a general practice differ from a practice that provides a more specific set of services.

Our ability to narrow in on a particular aspect of dental care can be good for more than just practices that focus on one branch of oral care, or even a specific service. Even if you provide a range of services, our ability to emphasize a particular focus can help you when you want to promote a new service, or help people find out about your expertise in a particular field of dentistry!

The Role Content Creation Plays In Promoting Your Focus

Original content can have value for any dental office. Producing more links will give people more opportunities to find you during a dental search, and you have more opportunities to share valuable links and keywords that help your SEO. With that said, it can be especially valuable for a practice with a specific focus to share content!

It would be a mistake to assume that a narrower focus means having “less” to share through content creation. With every original post, we can cover different aspects of a particular service, and focus on different issues that some patients face. For Dr. Brown, we can produce original blogs about his approach to using implants to restore teeth, the long-term benefits of implants, and cosmetic improvements that implant-held restorations can deliver. We can also write from the perspective of potential patients, who may be unsure what implants are used for, worried about the placement process, or just curious to learn more about what implants can do for them specifically.

Creating More Opportunities To Promote Your Practice, And Your Focus

What kind of dental practice benefits from online marketing, and tailored SEO?

  • Any practice that has recently opened, or just expanded into a new area
  • A dental office that has been established, but intends to offer new services
  • A practice that wants to stand out as more offices open up around them
  • An office that plans to cover a specific focus, instead of offering general services
  • Any dental office that just wants to maintain online visibility at a time when people rely on the internet to find goods and services

No matter how general or specific your services might be, better organic SEO can have real long-term value for your practice! Your potential for growth can be tied to your online visibility, and a better digital presence also makes it easier for you to stay in communication with your current patients.

We Offer More Than Just Marketing Content!

Is your website starting to look out of date? Have you struggled to make your online presence accessible to people using mobile devices? We provide technical support for your online marketing needs, in addition to content creation!

Our office can work with you on updating your website design, or replacing your old site with one that is more attractive, and functional. Updating your online presence can be a key part of your continued success, and it can help you better boost your SEO! In addition to helping our clients host better websites, we also provide great assistance with your social media marketing. More social engagement can actually help you boost your site’s visibility while also giving you new avenues to stay in contact with current and potential patients.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Promote A Particular Service To People In Your Area

At MDPM Consulting, we are aware that different dental practices have different needs, and that a generic approach to online marketing will leave some practices poorly served. We are ready to help you build an approach to online marketing that emphasizes your particular focus, so that you have more engagement with the right people, and continue growing your practice! To find out how we can provide you with tailored SEO support, please contact our office at 972-781-8861.