Social Media Marketing & Small Business… Worth Your Time?

I’ve said before that Facebook may or may not bring you new business, and I stand by that statement. However, we have to look at the nature of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Internet communities to understand how and why social networking can be profitable.

You’ve been to a face-to-face networking event; the awkward feel that everyone’s there to sell something (that’s why you’re there). The odd-looking people who you know are there because they have nothing else to do–which is not a good sign. The somewhat interesting (if you’re lucky) speaker.

You leave with a handful of business cards and a dream that maybe from the two hours of your life you just invested, maybe one, just one of the folks you met will bring you a new client…somehow. But networking online is different. It’s so much better!

The concept behind web marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is networking. But unlike face-to-face events, with Inter-net2-working, you get more done, faster, your contacts are saved digitally, and you have a direct (and free) way to get yourself in front of those contacts as often as you like. Provide good information that’s relevant to their lives, and they’ll listen to what you have to say. Stay involved daily, and you’re likely to see a return.

In the Socialnomics video about social networking (below), there’s a quote that says something like, you used to have to pay to play, but now you have to play to play. To underscore this point, Ann of MarketingProfs, a respected marketing company, says in her YouTube video, social marketing is what you put into it. When you look at ROI, the I stands for investment. How much are you investing?

Here’s the deal: Modern Dental Practice Marketing will invest the time, effort, ideas, and energy that your social media campaign needs to get good results. We offer full-service blogging and social networking management. If you’re ready to step into the realm of social networking, but you don’t have the time or know-how to get started, give us a call today. We’re in the business to make dentists – and other small business owners—smile!

We love this video and think you should take a minute to watch it: