Hey, Dentist… Which is More Important: Web or Community Marketing?

Why do you have to choose? Truth is, both types of marketing could really boost your patient base—and retention—in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. And never forget, the whole point is to leave an impression! Tried and true, good ol’ boy advertising does not appeal to the younger generation…the technical gurus who invest money in their health and appearance.

So let’s look at the balancing act between Internet and community marketing for dentists:

Internet Marketing for Dentists

  • Web marketing should start with a website that ranks well on Google for the keywords your potential patients most often use.
  • Beyond that, social networking, like Facebook and Twitter can be beneficial. However, you and your team have to use these resources correctly. Just posting random thoughts on a Facebook Fan Page and Tweeting about an article you read won’t effectively promote your dental practice. At MDPM, we offer one-on-one coaching for you and your team, so you can learn how to fit social networking into your schedule and get the most pop for your posts. There’s a simple formula that’s easy to manage, and you’ll find it highly effective.
  • You’ll also need a blog that feeds onto your Facebook page. The blog should be updated with keyword-rich, relevant posts at least once a week. The MDPM dental copywriters can make posts on your behalf, or I can teach you and your team how to write solid blog posts that appeal to dental patients and search engine spiders.

That’s a synopsis of web marketing for dentists. But when you consider that the Internet is international and your practice is local, you can see that community promotions are a necessary component to an effective dental practice marketing strategy—particularly in North Texas towns, like Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, Murphy, and Frisco. We’re in Texas, and what rules Friday nights? Football. That’s right.

Community Promotions for Dentists

  • If you’re a family dentist, you must get plugged in with your school district’s football booster club. Hundreds, if not thousands, of parents—mostly moms (who are your target market)—invest significant time, money, and support into their children’s sports organizations. At your consultation, if marketing to schools (ie: parents and teachers) would fit your marketing plan, we’ll discuss the best way to kick off a unique and effective strategy.
  • If you’re a cosmetic dentist, your target market includes gainfully employed, image-conscious professionals and their spouses. Have you marketed to realtors, teachers, and the people who run your chamber of commerce? These potential patients are prime for becoming devoted cosmetic dentistry patients, and they have great influence on other professionals. I want to get your name, your services, and your unique selling point in front of these people to grow your practice.
  • If you’re a children’s dentist, schools are important, as are city events—like community festivals.  Daycare centers, youth sports organizations, dance studios, and local children’s centers (libraries, book stores, toy stores, etc.) may partner with you in reciprocal advertising. As with family and cosmetic dentistry, I have a wealth of programs that will boost your brand within your community.
  • If you cater to older patients, of course you’ll need to consider getting involved in the local senior center, at the library, in the garden club, and at retirement centers. I can show you sure-fire ways to bring in new patients from the Baby-Boomer generation and beyond.

The real value of the Modern Dental Practice Marketing Program is in its diversity. Online and in your community, we’ll build a brand and reputation that will keep your name—or your practice name–on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

So when the PTA mom gets asked, “Who’s your family dentist?” her response will include a half-hour description of your last costume party…or teeth whitening party…or high school mascot skit…or awesome website…or interesting, funny blog posts…or special new patient offer…and so on and so on. Then she’ll pull a referral card from her Coach wallet and hand it over with a big, beautiful smile.

Call me today at 972-781-8861. Ask for Jill. Let’s talk about your marketing strategy and kick it into high gear. It’s time someone gave the dentist a reason to smile!