Dentist Marketing SEO Piece by Piece


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This is part two in our series on dental marketing SEO.

Another important factor is metadata, thought it’s not quite as important as dental website content and blogs. There are three primary components to metadata: title tag, description, and keywords. You’ll hear some techies say that keywords are not important, and to Google, they aren’t. However, keywords are important to Yahoo and Bing. Sure, Google has 65% of the search engine market, but if you can please all the search engines all the time, why not?

What is a title tag? This is like a page title.

In the code, it looks something like this: <title>Modern Dental Practice Marketing</title>.

Your title tag should have your main business name and location, if you provide local service (which most dentists do).

What is a meta description? A description is the text that shows up in a search engine results page.

On a SERP, it might look like this: Modern Dental Practice Marketing. Modern Dental Practice Marketing assists dentists with complete Internet marketing: dental websites and dental blogs, as well as evidence based dental…etc.

In the code, it looks something like this: <meta name=”description” content=”Modern Dental Practice Marketing assists dentists…etc.

The description should be no more than 70 words, 350 characters.

What are meta keywords? Keywords are terms that your potential patients might use to look you up online. The most common keywords are “dentist yourcityhere” and “yourcityhere dentist.”

In the code, keywords look like this: <meta name=”keywords” content=”dental marketing consultant, dental marketing consulting…etc.

There is no limit to the number of keywords, but if you use terms that are irrelevant, they’re useless to you. Separate your keywords with commas. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you find the most commonly used phrases that relate to your services and location.

What does your online presence need?
Your online presence and reputation are built by all of the information about you, not just what you claim on your website. In addition to reviewing your site’s content, metadata, and links, you need to look at your local listings, social networking profiles, HealthGrades, blog or microsites, patient testimonials…your global online image. MDPM (that’s me and my crew) offers a free global online image analysis. Call 972-781-8861 to schedule.