Content Marketing Plans For 2023

2023 new year conceptWhile 2023 can be counted on to present unique challenges and opportunities, there is likely one goal you have that carried over from all of your practice’s years in operation. Simply put, you want your dental office to enjoy more success throughout the new year! Whether that means growing your patient list, securing more opportunities to perform a certain type of care, or strengthening relationships with the people who already see you, the right online presence helps. MDPM Dental Marketing can help you find ways to reach your goals, and we can do so while keeping you current with your website marketing.

Improvements in technology, updates to search algorithms, and changes in website design preferences occur from year to year. With our support, you can keep up with any new developments that could impact the way you conduct yourself digitally. We go beyond simply building new sites or providing timely redesigns. Our support also includes SEO-driven content and social media activity, the introduction of important interactive features, and feedback to help you see what your online efforts are doing to connect you with the right people.

Is Your Website Really Speaking To Potential Patients?

The way you talk about smile care with a colleague will differ from the way you would talk about it with a patient. Your website content should be patient-focused while also making smart use of keywords and phrases that boost SEO. Beyond thinking about what patients want when searching for dental care, it is important that the content you share reflects the kinds of searches they perform. Continuing to share original posts will help you cover the different needs and concerns people are likely to have and search for when they pull up Google. It will also help you keep your site fresh and show that you are a reliable resource on the kinds of posts potential patients want to find, which can make your site more appealing to search engine algorithms.

The Importance Of Paying Attention To SEO And SERP Trends

What you say and how you say it both matter when it comes to SEO. When creating site pages and original content to support your practice, we include valuable meta information. This is information that search algorithms read to better understand your links and what they offer. Metadata also adds more to your links in search engine results pages (SERPs). One problem with an outdated web presence is that you may lack the means to share that information, which can make your links less informative and less attractive.

Whether you have one specific service you want to promote or you hope to share a broad range of information, you want to know that what you share is being reached by the right people. We can help you keep up with how your posts perform against the kinds of desirable search words and phrases that people in your area use to find oral health services.

The Role The Right Content Plays In Reaching More Patients

Search engine algorithms continue to change. While companies like Google may be hesitant to share exactly what changes they are making, it is safe to assume their goal is to make sure people like and trust what they find when they enter search terms. Posts that are original, demonstrate authority, and appear trustworthy can receive higher rankings and appear higher in SERPs. Posts that are churned and sent out quickly may give you more links to share, but if the right care is not taken to ensure that what you put on your website is accurate, helpful, and SEO-friendly, you can gain less from your output.

Take Time To Review Your Website And Social Media Activity

Because people spend considerable time on social media sites and can check them for local services and businesses, you can feel the need to be present in these spaces. Having the right presence helps, but it should be part of a coordinated outreach effort that includes website maintenance and support. Because we coordinate social media activity with your site support, we can see to it that these efforts work together to grow your overall reach. We can also keep track of changes that might call for different strategies in how one or both are used to support practice health.

We Provide Robust Support For Your Website, Social Media, And Content

Online marketing can be intimidating when looked at from the outside. Search engines change what they prioritize, social media demands change where you need to be found, and you can feel unsure of exactly what “organic” and “paid” SEO efforts are supposed to look like. MDPM Dental Marketing takes on the different branches of website marketing and support to make sure you are fully covered and able to be reached by people in your area. We can build and maintain a marketing strategy that effectively boosts SEO, keeps your presence fresh, and allows you to present yourself in a way that truly reflects who you are and the kind of smile care you provide your community.

Count On MDPM Dental Marketing To Support Your Practice In 2023—And Beyond!

We are ready to take on the various challenges of online marketing in 2023, and we are excited to help you grow your practice in the new year—and beyond! If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your practice, please contact MDPM Dental Marketing today at 972.781.8861!