Providing Timely Content On Your Website And Social Media

When you create more content on your website, you produce more links that Google and other search engines can share. There is an obvious benefit to this, but when your ranks receive lower rankings, you can gain little from your effort. As part of our SEO support, we can create original content for your site that can earn higher ranks, and help you introduce your practice to more people in your area. The “right” content can change over time, but it is important to remember that a search engine’s ultimate goal is to give people the most effective links for their searches. Because of this, we emphasize an organic approach to SEO, and craft content that can help people as well as hold their attention. Including timely content on your website can help you address concerns that are seasonal, or related to outside events. Posts of this nature can help you create new topics, capitalize on different keywords, and place you in more SERPs (search engine results pages). This can benefit your overall goal of reaching new patients, and generating new appointments, particularly when it is smartly balanced with relevant general content. 

What Makes Some Content “Timely”?

Simply put, timely content refers in some way to the period when it is created. Holiday-centered content is an example of timely content being used to reach more people. Because this is October, you can safely assume that many parents are thinking about the effect Halloween candy could have on their childrens’ teeth. Sharing content that discusses Halloween, and the effects that candy can have on someone’s smile, can bring you into more SERPs, and in front of more potential patients. 

Timely content can be effective for more than just holiday content. For example, you can share content reminding people to use their dental benefits before the end of the year can be an effective way to encourage more appointments in the final months of the year. While these topics might have short-term benefits, they can help you effectively add the right keywords to your website, and start reaching more people!

Creating And Sharing Information That Is Relevant To People

Timely content is one example of how the right content can be tailored in a way that helps you reach more people. Some online marketing consultants still rely on outdated strategies for SEO improvement, emphasizing the use of keywords and links over organic improvements. This can leave you with little to show for your efforts, as Google and other search engines have made updates that allow them to better assess the value of a site. To maintain your SEO today, links and keywords still matter, but content with little value or relevance is easier for a search engine to identify, and reduce in search rankings.

When we are consistently creating original, patient-centered content for you, we can be sure to fit in timely topics. After all, the goal is to anticipate what people are looking for when they go online in search of a dental office, or dental services, and to match their search queries with useful information. Even as future algorithm updates change how SEO should be approached, maintaining a web presence that strives to satisfy people’s needs can help you stay in line with a search engine’s ultimate goal of sharing the best possible links. 

Consistent Content Can Help You In The Long Term

While timely content can help you reach people with certain interests, and show up in more SERPs, you should still take advantage of general posts. We recommend consistently putting out new site content for several reasons. One immediate benefit is that a consistent output creates more links that people can find. By posting consistently, you can also be sure to feature more topics that highlight the benefits of receiving care at your practice, and discuss more matters that potential patients are interested in. At the right times, you can tie dental care to the holidays, or recommend cosmetic dental work before you go out on summer vacation. In between those posts, you can continue to boost your visibility through posts that remain relevant throughout the year! 

Using Timely Content On Social Media

Your social media activity can help you share more links, communicate with your current patients, and attract new ones! In addition to helping you incorporate timely content onto your website, we can share relevant, attention-grabbing posts through social media in order to help you expand your reach. This can be as simple as creating attractive posts to help share holiday wishes, but we can also use your social media platforms to remind people to use their dental benefits, or make sure they have dental appointments scheduled for their children before the new school year begins! You can also share posts that help you connect on a personal level – sharing office birthday celebrations or showing off holiday decorations at the office can help you establish closer bonds with your patients!

Fitting Timely Content Into Your Larger SEO Efforts

How does your content fit in with your larger goals for reaching people online? When we implement an SEO strategy for you, our goal is to set you up for lasting success with online marketing! That means creating posts that are relevant throughout the year, and those posts that are particularly valuable in the short term. It also means paying attention to how time might be impacting your website in other ways. One big SEO roadblock you might face is keeping your website current, and attractive to first-time visitors. We can implement design updates, or even replace your old site with a new one, so that you can continue to see results from digital marketing! 

MDPM Consulting Can Provide Timely Content That Helps You Connect With More People!

MDPM Consulting can provide your practice with online marketing support that relies on organic and local SEO efforts to help you make yourself highly visible to people in your area! With smart, patient-centered content and help in maintaining, updating, or even replacing your website, we can give you an important advantage when it comes to using digital platforms to reach potential patients. For more information, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.