Top 10 Blog Ideas for Dentists

This morning, Hubspot sent me an email with a guide to spotting bad SEO. In it, buyers were told to beware of ten specific tactics, three of which relate to writing. I strongly agree with all three. So, to blogging dentists, I want to reiterate these points before going into blog topics.

Now, as for blog fodder, blogs should be kept short and sweet. Along that vein, here are 10 effective concepts magazine and blog writers often use for creating great content. You can incorporate these same ideas into your dental blogs.

  1. Top Ten – Everyone wants a quick, worthwhile read. The Top Ten format makes life easier for both blogger and reader. Coming up with 10 reasons, tricks, or tips on the same topic is not difficult. The list you’re reading is a prime example. Listing is also quick for the writer. To the reader, a list can be scanned quickly, digested easily, and lists appeal to busy people. Here are a few Top Tens to get you started: Top Ten Whitening Systems; Top Ten Reasons People Choose Veneers; Top Ten Ways to Improve Heart Health.
  2. The Secret – Want to know a secret? Everyone does! Leverage that to your benefit when blogging. For example: The Secret to Lifelong Teeth Whitening; The Secret to Fresh Breath; The Secret to Keeping Teeth for Life.
  3. Real Stories – People love real stories — it’s like gossip, but without the guilt. Whether you use your own little anecdotes or patient testimonials, real stories are awesome. I remember reading one by a dental hygienist who talked about a little boy she treated and how he loved baseball. I remember that! In writing, we call this resonance. So, try to create blogs that resonate.
  4. Simple Information – What may seem obvious to you isn’t so clear to your potential readers. For instance, you know that crowns can be ceramic — and that porcelain and ceramic are synonyms. Your potential patients may not! Likewise, you know that mall kiosks that offer instant teeth whitening are not run by a dentist. Your potential patients may not! As you see patients today, ask if they knew these things.
  5. Quick Trivia – To be a know-it-all is to be a trivia buff. Did you know, giraffes must place their heads on the ground to sleep? This makes them vulnerable to attack, so they sleep for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. I used this in a sleep apnea blog once. It’s cool!
  6. Hot Topics –  Will and Kate. Smiles abound, everyone wants to look beautiful, and I would bet there are more than a few breath mints being passed around in the church. Use hot topics to fuel your readership. Turn Hollywood news into fodder for your blog.
  7. Sex – Sleep apnea can cause impotence. No one wants a kiss from someone with halitosis. Bad teeth are a turn off. Even a family dentist can broach these subjects without mentioning the “s” word. Bottom line is, sex and relationships will never die. And, as you’ve heard, sex sells. Even in dentistry.
  8. Children – Did you know, “tween” became a term advertisers coined a few years ago to describe the demographic of kids between 8 and 12? Why on earth would advertisers care? Because these kids are rolling in their parents’ dough. Parents want their kids to have everything these days – phones, cars, music, fun, beauty – everything. Why do you think Invisalign teen is so popular? Kids want to look beautiful and they don’t want to wear metal braces. Parents pay for what kids want. Never, ever forget this. I wrote an article for Med Monthly, and I blogged here, asking dentists, what’s your Happy Meal? If the kids like you, the parents will follow. So, in your blog, address kid issues. Appeal to readers who are parents. Explain dental topics relevant to children, tweens, and teens. Women are the primary audience who choose the family dentist. Remember this when blogging!
  9. Quiz! – If you don’t think quizzes are popular, take a peek at the magazine shelf next time you’re in WalMart. Blogs can be in quiz format. I’ve used quizzes to learn about my clients, as well. With some simple interactive tracking tools, you can capture your readers’ response and apply the results to your marketing strategy. Quiz ideas: questions about animals’ teeth; questions about the history of dentistry; questions about whom in Hollywood has had dental work.
  10. Youth – Next to sex, youth sells. Everyone wants to look young because young is beautiful, and beautiful is appealing. Studies show, people with whiter teeth tend to land jobs faster and make more money. Likewise, an attractive smile makes a person seem more friendly, intelligent, and successful. Dentists across the nation offer Botox and dermal fillers so that their cosmetic dentistry patients can “frame” their smiles. You don’t have to offer all the trends in cosmetic dentistry to write about youth and beauty. For instance, people are keeping their teeth longer than ever in history because of the availability of dental care and products. Natural teeth are a physical retention of youth! There was a time when newlyweds got dentures as wedding gifts. This, too, is interesting info for your blog.

If you don’t have time to blog or want to discuss blogging and websites, call Jill at Modern Dental Practice Marketing. Jill can be reached at 972-781-8861.