Social Media: A Powerful Marketing Tool for Dentists

Sure, you’ve heard of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. You may think that social media is just for keeping in touch with friends and family. While this is true, social media is also a powerful marketing tool for all types of businesses. In fact, the largest corporations in the United States use Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts to connect with consumers, market their goods, and determine customer satisfaction. Although a dental practice may not be a Fortune 500 corporation, dentists around the country benefit from utilizing social media, too.

Gaining Exposure with Social Media Users

By setting up a Facebook business page or Twitter account, you familiarize social media users with your name and services. For example, commenting from your business account on community pages and local groups will expose more people in your area to your name and your practice. As more people become familiar with your name and practice, you increase the likelihood of attracting new patients.

Managing Your Reputation

More than likely, you have read reviews on websites such as as Google Places or Yelp before you took your vehicle to a mechanic or visited an unfamiliar restaurant. Online reviews from actual customers and patients are extremely useful for consumers. However, reviews may also hurt a dentist’s reputation. One disgruntled patient can anonymously leave an unfavorable or untruthful review of your dental practice. Using social media helps combat anonymous smear campaigns and effectively manage your web reputation. A Facebook wall filled with glowing reviews of your expertise and concern for your patients will offset negative reviews on other sites. In addition, dentists have complete control of the content posted social media platforms.

Building Loyalty with Patients

Interacting with your patients through your Twitter account or Facebook business page will convey a sense of dedication to your patients. A simple “thank you” to a patient’s positive comment on your wall speaks volumes. Showing interest in your patients’ opinions also promotes loyalty and patient retention.

The experts at Modern Dental Practice Marketing encourage dentists to use social media to their advantage. If you feel that engaging in social media is too time consuming, we can help! We provide social media management services to our dentists. Our social media experts will interact with your patients, manage your notifications, and posts clever, original status updates. To discuss your social media needs with MDPM, email us or contact our CEO, Jill at (972) 781-8861.