Dentists, Websites, Blogs, and RSS Feeds

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Technology is not as intimidating as wild animals, and neither is dental marketing. On the contrary, with a good safari guide, you’ll  enjoy the hunt and the trophies.

Today I want to talk with you about RSS feeds. You’ve probably seen that little orange icon and wondered, What’s that orange thing?

It’s the RSS icon.

What the heck is an RSS icon, and why should a dentist care? Let me explain.

  • RSS stands for really simple syndication.
  • An RSS feed provides an alert when new content is added to a blog or website.
  • Anyone can add an RSS feed to their Yahoo, Google, or other homepage, or they can bookmark the feed for quick access.
  • To subscribe to an RSS feed for a blog or website you like, look for the orange icon, click it, and follow the instructions.

Pretty simple, huh?

Let’s take it a step further. After all, you have a doctorate degree. You like learning!

On a dental website blog, like those we create at Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we can add RSS feeds from your favorite websites or blogs. As an example, just check out the DentalBlogs and Medical News Today feeds in the right sidebar of this page. These RSS feeds provide our website visitors with a little something extra—and relevant. For your dental website, you might add RSS feeds from the ADA, AGD, dental specialists, community websites, or health websites.

While you’re here, sign up for the MDPM RSS feed to try it out. Just click on the orange icon in the right sidebar–it’s under the heading “Network with Us.”

The lions and tigers and bears (oh my) are out there, but we’re here to make the safari fun. Call Modern Dental Practice Marketing at 972-781-8861, or email us at, if you have questions about RSS feeds on your website. We create, promote, and maintain dental website blogs for extreme SEO presence. And we’re in the business to make dentists smile!