Making Sure Social Media Benefits Your Practice

Have you looked to social media as a way boost the visibility of your practice? Are you relying on it to communicate with your current patients? While it can seem ever-present in our personal lives, you may have overlooked the ways in which a business profile for your practice can help you. With a business profile on Facebook, you have a way to share your online content more directly, and you have a way to encourage engagement with your practice, and your website. When your efforts turn into more clicks, and longer site visits, they can lead to better SEO for your webpage! We can help you understand the value of a social media presence, and we can help you figure out how to expertly manage your account activity!

Why You Want An Active (But Not Overactive!) Social Media Presence For Your Practice

When you keep active on social media, you create more opportunities for people to find, and click, links to your website. More visits – particularly visits where people stay engaged – can increase your SEO. That means Google has more reason to rank you highly in relevant searches. These posts also serve to promote your practice, and encourage people to share what they like to their friends and family, who could become new patients.

One thing you should remember is that posting too often can hurt people’s willingness to engage with you. If they grow tired of seeing your updates, they may unfriend or unfollow your account, which means less support.

You Can Use Facebook’s Scheduling Tool To Create A Plan For Your Posts

Facebook offers users a scheduling tool that lets you specify when you want a post to show up in your feed. That means you can create multiple posts at once, but portion them out over a week, or a month, so they are more likely to be seen, and engaged with, when they are shared.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Use Social Media To Support Your Practice

You can count on great website support from MDPM Consulting! In addition to helping you make the most of your web presence, we can help you use your social media accounts to promote your practice, and reach a larger audience. To learn more, you can contact us by using the contact information provided below.

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