Client Feature: Dr. Dang and Bella Dental

Well would you look at the time: It’s Friday, and that means we’re doing another client feature on today’s blog. We love our job because we get to work with so many amazing clients! Dentists and their practices from around the country fuel us, so we like to give a shoutout each week to one of our amazing clients. This week it’s Dr. Dang and Bella Dental. The Bella Dental practice offers excellent service, community-rooted care, and Dr. Dang was named to the D-Magazine’s list of the best dentists in Dallas for 2018!

Community Dental Care Day Sets Bella Dental Apart

Bella Dental is like many other practices in that it offers a standard range of oral health services. However, Bella goes a step further with its annual community dental care day in Oak Cliff. During this community-oriented event, the team at Bella offers complimentary extractions, cleanings, and fillings for residents in the area. Not everyone can afford dental insurance, but that doesn’t have to be a barrier to care. Dr. Dang and Bella Dental are committed to helping their community in the best way that they know how. The team was able to provide over $16,000 worth of free dental treatment this year alone!

Dr. Nhu Dang Was Named One of the Best Dentists in Dallas

Dr. Dang is an active dentist both in her community and professionally. Her contributions and commitment to care landed her on the D-Magazine list of the Best Dentists in Dallas for 2018. This is an awesome achievement, and one that Bella Dental lists on its website. Letting potential patients who visit your website know what kind of care they can expect at your practice helps you gain more business! If you or your practice have a success story, be sure to share it with your following!

Work with MDPM Consulting on Your Website Redesign

We had the pleasure of designing the website for Bella Dental. We always enjoy getting to work with such talented professionals. If your practice website could use an update, or you want more patients to find your practice, talk to our team at MDPM Consulting. We’d be happy to help you grow! Contact one of our team members by calling the MDPM Consulting office in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.