Social Media Builds Awareness, Not SEO

If your business relies on a website (and let’s face it, who’s doesn’t in 2018?), then you’ve got to be tuned into search engine optimization. You need the infrastructure of your website to stay in tip-top shape so that search engines like Google show your business to those who are looking for it. A useful, easy-on-the-eyes website is part of your overall web presence, and so are social media channels. Free platforms like Facebook and Instagram contribute to your branding and presence, but not your SEO rankings. Does that make them less valuable or important? No. Here’s why:

Social Media Engages a Vital Network of Consumers, Especially In Service Fields

While you can pay for advertisements on social media platforms, they are not advertising channels. Social media can be used as solutions-based branding tools, but you shouldn’t think of them as advertising platforms. What sets social apart from advertising is that it involves opt in from your audience. People who see your social media content have chosen to see it because they like you or they want to know more about you. This is a huge asset when it comes to branding, as well as retaining patients that already use your practice!

Creating Repeat Patients Is Easier Than Finding New Ones

When you create a positive experience for one of your patients, he or she is likely to come back. This is the exact type of person who may opt in to following you on social media. A social media platform like Facebook then creates a direct line between you and this patient. You can show off the personality of your team, share offers, and educate your social media following on different dental procedures. Creating compelling content on your social channels helps you stay on the radars of your patients. It may even lead one of your patients to inquire about a new procedure the next time they’re in.

MDPM Consulting Can Help Your Practice Create Social Content that Works

While social media pages and content don’t affect your SEO directly, they do affect your web presence, which is important for retaining patients. Don’t miss an opportunity to keep the patients you already have! MDPM Consulting can help you by creating compelling social media content that engages your audience of fans. Learn more about what we have to offer by contacting MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.