Client Feature: Dr. Robert Cederberg

It’s finally Friday, and we’ve been dying to reach the end of the week because that means it’s time for another client feature! We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work on behalf of, and alongside so many amazing dental practices across the country. We like to take a moment (or a blog post, rather) to give a shout out to one of our awesome clients. This week’s client feature is Dr. Robert Cederberg in Dallas, TX! Dr. Cederberg is a knowledgeable professional who takes an informative, holistic approach to dentistry.

Dr. Cederberg Has Acquired an Existing Practice

We recently had the chance to work with Cederberg Dental as the team took over for an existing practice. This is an exciting time for Dr. Cederberg and his team, but it can also be a hectic time. Acquiring an existing practice means making updates to the physical practice itself, but also to the practice’s digital presence.

There’s a whole catalogue of existing information online — including the practice name, doctor info, and contact info — that is now out-of-date. We didn’t want this to be a barrier to patients finding Dr. Cederberg’s practice, so we’re working to update this information across the spectrum.

Patients Have to Be Able to Find the Correct Information Online

Useful, correct information is one of the biggest ranking factors/assets for web pages. If you want people to find your practice, you need to have accurate information on the Internet! That’s why we’ve been working with Dr. Cederberg’s practice. We want to be sure that the community knows about these amazing services. Dr. Cederberg has a rich educational background. His precision and attention-to-detail create a care environment that patients can trust. We want to make sure that translates to his online presence.

Work with MDPM Consulting for Website Updates and Redesigns

If your dental practice is going through any sort of major change — adding a location, moving locations, changing hours and days of operation, or changing services — you need to be able to communicate that change online. Our team can help you during transitions to make sure patients are still getting the information they need. Contact the MDPM Consulting office in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861 to learn more about how we can help.