Why Is My Dental Office Hard To Find Online?

Having a website dedicated to your dental office is important. However, your digital presence will have little value if no one can find it! Ultimately, many practices that simply make a website and leave it be can find that it fails to effectively grow their business. There are different reasons for this—competition from other relevant sites, changes in technology, and the failure to maintain a modern and attractive page are just a few of the reasons why your site struggles.

MDPM Dental Marketing provides comprehensive support for online marketing. Your digital presence can be a way to attract new patients and share information with current patients. Our support can ensure that your online space is optimized for better search engine rankings, as we provide original content to help boost visibility, technical support, updates and new site builds, and even support through different channels like social media! When you have the right information and support, you can discover just how helpful the internet can be in growing your practice!

Online Visibility Is Important For Attracting New Patients

It can be difficult to keep track of just how often we search online for information, including information about different local services. When you think about how people seek out dental care, it seems obvious to expect them to rely on the internet. Unfortunately, just having a website made is not all that you need to do to ensure that people find you when they search for oral health care. To stand out from other locations and make your links rank higher in the right searches, you should put time and effort into creating a digital presence that is optimized for Google and appealing to visitors. We can help you with the various steps that go into creating this kind of presence!

Search Engine Optimization And Your Website

Search engine optimization—SEO—refers to the different ways in which your website is made more attractive to Google’s search algorithm. Simply put, a combination of the right content and technical features can boost your rankings when the right search terms are entered. Beyond simply showing up in searches related to dental work, you should strive to have your website rank higher when people in your area have questions about oral care. We can help with this by focusing on both organic and technical SEO.

  • Organic SEO refers to measures taken to make a site more appealing and useful to users. Original website content that is relevant, engaging, and written to match likely search terms can help with this. There is a lasting benefit to this effort. While algorithm changes can be disruptive to your efforts at online marketing, remember that these updates occur to provide users with better results. The work put into making your site appealing to people makes your links the kind that Google and other search engines want people to find!
  • Technical SEO refers to the kind of metadata entered into pages that communicate directly with search engines. Beyond making pages easier to read, this kind of information can change what appears on SERPs (search engine results pages). With your technical SEO intact, you can actually make sure that people have access to your contact information on Google’s search pages!

SEO And Your Site Design

An older website can lack the kinds of features that help pages communicate with Google and other search engines. If it has not been updated, your site may also lack value because it is not fully responsive, which means tablet and phone users can have more difficulty navigating it. Not only can a lack of updates make you harder to find, it can lead to less interest from the people who do find you online, as your web presence can look outdated and prove difficult to use. We can recommend regular updates when they are needed to help your site stay attractive and relevant. We can also discuss when your website is reaching the end of its lifespan; replacing it with a new site can help you make important updates to its style and technical features!

How Original Content And Social Media Expand Your Reach

Original content will create more links for people to find, help you work in relevant keywords, and generally communicate what kinds of services people can count on you to provide. Consistently sharing new posts will help you reach more people and grow your practice. We provide this kind of activity as well as social media posts that help you continue to draw new patients and keep current ones engaged! Because we can help you use your social media to both share relevant information and produce visually engaging and informative posts, we can make it part of a larger strategy for boosting your reach.

Should You Consider Adding Paid SEO Efforts To Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Paid SEO refers to the kinds of paid ads you can see at the top of Google searches. There are limits to the effectiveness of relying on this kind of SEO, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, particularly when you try to use it without the right guidance. With that said, it can be beneficial when it is combined with the kinds of organic support that can have more long-term value. We can talk to you about how your use of paid marketing can support a larger plan to grow your practice through digital marketing efforts.

MDPM Dental Marketing Can Help You Make Sure People Are Finding Your Website Online!

With the support of MDPM Dental Marketing, you can have an easier time making sure your dental practice is easier for people to find online. Our services include website design and maintenance, the creation of original content for your site and social media channels, and ongoing support to help you maintain your SEO. Through these services, we can make sure you gain more visibility in order to reach the right people and attract new patients! If you would like to learn more about how our services can benefit you, please reach out to MDPM Dental Marketing today at 972.781.8861!