Is Your Outdated Website Making A Poor Impression?

Before people set foot in your practice, they can learn about you and the services you offer through your online presence. With the right website and the right marketing efforts, you can reach more people and bring them in to schedule services. However, if you have an outdated site that is less appealing to people, you may have a hard time bringing people who find you online in for appointments! Older websites can look unappealing, and they may have older information that was never updated. You may also have problems if your pages are not optimized for different screen formats like tablets and phones.

MDPM Consulting can take on the different challenges you face when it comes to promoting yourself in digital spaces. Sometimes, that means changing how you present yourself on social media and creating content that you can share to grow your SEO. At other times, it can mean taking on the task of updating an older website so that it is more likely to attract new business. In addition to helping you with the development and design of your pages, we provide support by creating content and maintaining your digital presence, so we can help you stay online and stay visible to potential patients in your area.

Your Website Can Be The First Introduction People Have To Your Practice

Because people so regularly rely on the internet to find businesses and services, you can safely assume many will locate your website before they ever arrive in your waiting room. One issue you need to contend with is that it can be tough to make sure people in your area find you when they search for a practice that can help you. Beyond this, you need to think about how you are presenting yourself digitally. Your older website can have outdated information about staff and services, or you can lose out on business because you have neglected to update contact information. Another issue is that your pages may not be optimized for users who are on tablets or phones, which can make information effectively unreadable or frustrating to navigate. You want people to have a positive first impression when they come to your office, and you should also want to provide them with a positive initial experience when they find you online!

Why Practices Need To Update Their Sites

There are different reasons why people need to make site upgrades. Sometimes, new information needs to be added based on a change in location, the introduction of new team members, or because you are providing a new service. That being said, some changes need to take place simply so that you can keep up with changing technology and design standards. Pages that load slowly or have an unsightly appearance can push away people before they make their first appointment.

Our commitment to our clients covers more than just the daily responsibilities of social media and search engine marketing. We also provide valuable technical support in the form of site maintenance and recommended updates. Whether you need to make improvements or want to build a brand new site, we can help you stay relevant and appealing!

We Can Help You Upgrade And Maintain Your Web Presence

Our experience in web marketing includes support to help dental offices throughout the country upgrade and even replace websites in order to better present themselves. Upgrades can help you change your look and have a more modern style that appeals to people, while a new website can help you take advantage of improved technology so that you can do more with your platform. Sometimes, an upgrade is necessary to help you stay current, but it can also be a way for you to stand out when compared to other practices in your area. To make sure the site stays online and working well, we provide regular support and can step in if you encounter technical issues or have questions.

Should You Make Plans To Add A Microsite?

If you offer specialized care, or if there is an aspect of smile care that you want to be better known for, we can talk to you about developing a microsite. This is a separate web location from your main site, one that lets you push a select service or services. Having this space available can help you concentrate your SEO efforts and more dependably reach the people who are looking for the care that you are trying to offer.

We Can Support Your Overall Online Marketing Efforts

A robust and thorough approach to online marketing can help you see lasting value from your presence on the web. The design and maintenance of your website is important, but to deliver more results, we can work with you on content creation to reach more people and promote what you do; set up and promote your social media channels with original, eye-catching content; and focus on reputation management to help you present yourself in the right way. We want you to have access to all of the tools that can make you more successful. With this in mind, we can talk about the combined value of organic growth and the strategic use of PPC (pay-per-click) online promotion to reach the most people possible.

Talk To MDPM Consulting About Updating Your Website!

A website that used to stand out for the right reasons can now feel jarringly out of place on today’s internet. When your web presence is no longer current, your online marketing outreach can stall, and you can have a difficult time reaching new patients! At MDPM Consulting, we help people take on the different aspects of online marketing. Whether you need to create a new website, set up your first one, or make strategic upgrades that boost your SEO, we are ready to help! If you would like to discuss this or any other aspect of digital marketing further, please call MDPM Consulting today at 972.781.8861!