Facebook Ads And Online Marketing

As you look at what your options are for promoting your dental office online, you can feel both excited and intimidated by how much you can do to reach people in your area. With the right efforts, you can find ways to reach local families and individuals through digital channels and effectively grow your practice. Unfortunately, without the right approach and knowledge, you can see less value from efforts that fail to put you in front of the right audience.

One way to effectively target people and enjoy the right visibility is to make use of Facebook Ads. When used correctly, they can with more than just increasing engagement. MDPM Consulting has experience with these and other online channels, and we can use that expertise to help you create a truly effective marketing strategy! From the creation of your website through the promotion of your office, we can make sure you see lasting value from your digital presence.

Are You Using Social Media Effectively To Promote Your Practice?

Your social media activity helps you stay connected to your patients; share messages about practice updates, hours, and closures; and generally stay visible. Beyond simply setting up and maintaining a professional page for your dental office, you should look at how you can rely on Facebook and other social media to effectively grow your practice. Facebook Ads can be effective at this because you can be selective about who sees them, and because they are more effective at generating interest in your practice rather than just increasing online activity. Of course, you can feel less confident in what these posts can do for you when you are not familiar with this kind of advertising, or with social media marketing generally. Fortunately, you do not have to take this on for yourself—MDPM Consulting can help!

What Makes Facebook Ads Different Than Standard Posting?

How does the use of Facebook Ads differ from your typical social media posting? You can extend your reach by promoting posts that you make, but that can be less effective at the kind of outreach you want to do to attract more patients. A boosted post can certainly put you on more screens and in front of more people. It can also create more engagement, which can benefit your visibility in the long run. However, your ultimate goal is to bring in more patients, not more likes! By using Facebook Ads, you can employ better targeting, do more tracking to see what posts are truly helping you, and ultimately turn digital engagement into more business.

Using Ads To Target A Select Audience

Who is your ideal audience when it comes to running Facebook Ads? This answer can certainly vary by practice—if your specialty is pediatric dentistry, you can seek the attention of younger families, but if you focus on prosthetic work, you can have less concern for this demographic. While posting and boosting posts can help with your broader visibility, you have less control over the makeup of that audience. Even if what you share generates more comments, likes, and shares, those forms of engagement can do less for you than you hope when it comes to filling out your schedule.

Remember that the right marketing is about more than finding ways to more effectively put yourself in front of potential patients. We can help you with images and content that are appealing to people and more likely to motivate them to reach out to you. By relying on our experience and skill when it comes to digital marketing, you can ensure that you both have the right visibility and create the right content to hold people’s attention.

Your Online Presence Should Extend Beyond Your Social Media

An active and engaging social media presence is certainly important, but it is only part of what makes digital marketing effective. Your website and social media activity can both help boost your SEO and make you easier for potential patients to find. Because MDPM Consulting can help you manage both of these spaces, we can use them effectively to create more overall reach. Whether that means using your newest website post to create more content on Facebook or using social media to bring people to the site and explore what services you offer, a comprehensive strategy can help you see more value from all of your digital marketing activity!

We Can Help You Create Or Update Your Digital Presence!

For new practices and those who want to make a significant change to their online presence, our work in SEO and content marketing can be beneficial. Our skill in website building and maintenance can help new businesses establish themselves and reach their ideal potential patients. The right start with SEO and social media can be key in building your patient base. With that said, the internet is an active space, and a strategy that once reliably reached the right people can become less effective as time passes. If the time has come for you to make changes in how you market yourself, we can help you take on website changes in the form of technical updates and new site copy, and we can help you change how you look at social media engagement! Our services go beyond website curation and content; we also provide reputation management, which can help you present yourself in the right way to connect with your ideal audience.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You With Facebook Ads And Other Online Marketing Tools

When it comes to online marketing, there are many channels that can be helpful, but without the right information, they can have less value for you. As appealing as they can seem from the outside, it can be hard for you to use Facebook ads in a way that will reach the right people and attract new patients to your dental office. Fortunately, MDPM Consulting is here to help! We can provide support in developing and providing content for your website, establishing your social media presence, and making smart use of online marketing tools. Whether you want to discuss Facebook ads or another form of digital promotion, call MDPM Consulting today at 972.781.8861!