We’ll see you at the Star of the South Dental Meeting!

The Star of the South Dental Meeting will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, on January 22-24.

Here at MDPM Consulting, we love conferences. We think they’re a great way to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new in dentistry while building relationships within the dental community. In fact, the mission of the Star of the South Dental Meeting is to “provide the opportunity for all dental professionals to gather for continuing education, to experience the latest innovations in dental equipment and delivery systems, and for camaraderie and social events.” That’s definitely a mission we support!

Why? Because MDPM Consulting strives to do the same thing for our valued clients, but in a slightly different way.

By offering complete SEO and content marketing strategies designed exclusively with dentists and dental practices in mind, we provide the opportunity for dental professionals to reach their target audiences (aka new patients) by increasing their visibility and accessibility online. To do this, we utilize the latest industry standards in SEO, content marketing, web development and design, and IT support. Ultimately, it’s our goal to increase the traffic to a dental practice’s website to draw in new patients and — as a result — help our clients become staples in their communities.

We understand the value our clients see in attending conferences. In fact, we attend these conferences, too, to better understand and connect with our target audience: dentists and dental professionals! We hope that you soak up all of the knowledge and resources available to you at Star of the South and walk away with new ideas, new know-how, and new relationships within the dental community. But, we also have a word of warning — something that we tell all dentists we have the pleasure of meeting: Don’t get sucked in by all of the new, flashy marketing techniques out there. Over the years, we’ve spoken to far too many dentists who were over promised by a web marketing company and — inevitably — received under-delivered results. We understand the lack of trust potential clients sometimes possess when it comes to working with a web marketing company — a challenge that we find rewarding to resolve.

Our resolution: smart, efficient, and effective SEO and content marketing strategies. No bells and whistles, just hard work from a team of experts that has one mission: to help you reach your marketing — and overall practice — goals.

MDPM Consulting’s business development director Paul Rush will be attending the conference and would love to chat with you about your current marketing strategy and your online marketing goals. Whether you’re an existing MDPM client, toying with the idea of ramping up your SEO and content marketing efforts in 2015, or ready to take the plunge to boost your web presence to bring in more patients, we want to connect and say hello! Give Paul a call at (469) 571-0363 or send him an email if you’ll be in Houston.

We hope all of our clients have a great time at the conference!