Social Media and SEO in Dental Marketing

While MDPM Consulting does condone the use of social media in dental marketing, and we even offer an ebook on the topic, we don’t believe that social media should be the focus of a dental marketing strategy. Much like printing a brochure or running ads in a publication, social media marketing is just one element that can be integrated into a larger, full-scale dental marketing program.

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SEO and Social Media

SEO is search engine optimization. It’s the strategy that boosts a dentist’s listings (websites, blogs, microsites, articles, and online profiles) to the top of search results. Solid SEO, well monitored and constantly massaged, could land your website on page one, position one of Google for specific keyword phrases.

Social media is the term that describes the interactive websites that bring users together to share content, including text, photos, and videos. Social media includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Does social media impact SEO? It can. If one of your social postings draws a lot of interaction via comments and shares, the link to that conversation may end up quite high on Google for keyword phrases used in the comments. However, this is not a reliable SEO strategy. Why? Because you can’t do anything to ensure continual rankings of your social conversations on Google.

Content is King in Dental Marketing        

Statistics show, a great number of Internet users search for health-related information online. If you want to be the answer Google provides to these searchers’ inquiries, you must provide original, updated, accurate content – and a lot of it. How do I know this? Google comes right out and says so in their Webmaster Tools Blog.

MDPM Consulting is one of the few, if not the only, dental marketing company in the United States that offers a content-based SEO strategy. We employ a highly educated team of dental copywriters, trained in clinical dentistry and SEO strategies. We also have an editor with a master’s degree in English. Add to this team our SEO diagnostician, who constantly reviews our clients’ website rankings for targeted keyword phrases. The data she collects goes into a strategy that begins with an editorial calendar, targeting keywords that need better rankings. Working together, our SEO diagnostician, editor, and copywriters compose blogs, website pages, articles, and other indexable content for our client dentists.

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