How to Use Your Facebook Personal/Professional Profile in Dental Marketing

A Livonia dentist who’s near and dear to my heart recently asked Jill how his business Facebook page could like or recommend another business, or photo, or person, or anything. Her answer was, options are very limited. You’ll have a lot more opportunity doing these things as a human, but as a professional. Here’s my advice for MDPM dental website clients – and any dentist who wants to make his mark on Facebook.

Don’t Let College Joe Ruin Joseph Q. Doe, DDS’ Reputation

I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum: dentists who like to post shirtless beach photos of themselves on Facebook, and those who think Facebook is the devil. Both profiles, and dentists who fall in between, need to create a human, or personal, Facebook page, dedicated exclusively to professional interactions. So, if you don’t have a Facebook profile, create one under your professional name. If you do have a profile you use for personal stuff, create another one dedicated to the professional you.

What to Post as a Professional

Relevance. That’s what it’s all about. You must relate to your professional connections on a personal level. That’s what social networking is – sharing information as a human, and participating in the lives and ideas of others. Do not use your professional Facebook profile for ads and special offers about your practice. Leave those posts for your business page. Instead, share some of your tasteful family photos, discuss community events, the school district’s success, and congratulate specific patients on promotions, new babies, marriages, and anniversaries. Be real, but be professional.

Step By Step

  1. First, log out of Facebook.
  2. Go to //
  3. Sign up with different information than you used in your personal profile. Use your professional name with DDS or DMD, work email, and please write down your new password!!!
  4. Either upload your patient email list (automated from your address book) or, later, you can find and “friend” people you know in your professional life.
  5. Complete all pertinent information with professional responses. (Address, phone, email should all be your professional contact information. Books – favorite business books; Places – dental conferences; etc.)
  6. As this professional profile, visit your dental practice’s Facebook page and “like” it.
  7. Do not allow your new professional profile to become a manager of your business page. You want to post as YOU when on your business page, not as your business.
  8. Photos: Load up your professional profile with photos of the office, dental events, patients (after asking permission). Also load a nice family photo, team pictures, images of the office, technology, and before-and-after cases.
  9. Pages: “Like” pages about dentistry, health, and beauty. “Like” local restaurants, events, and groups.
  10. Events: Once your patients are Facebook friends with your professional profile, you can post office events to your calendar. For instance, Give Kids a Smile Day, Halloween Candy Buyback, and perhaps a New Patient Day (free x-rays and checkup).
  11. Groups: As a human profile, you can also join groups! Search for local groups and dental-related groups. Join them, and share relevant information.
  12. Mobility: Instead of hooking up your personal Facebook to an app on your phone, connect your professional profile. Then, you can post from your phone while at lunch or between patient appointments.
  13. Advertising: I must reiterate, do not post advertising. Do not brag about awards or promote special offers. These things have a place on your business page, but they’ll turn off your professional friends, and you’ll be left all alone. You must gain trust from your followers.
  14. Continuity is Key: Each day, find a new friend for your professional profile, join a new group once a month, and post or comment daily. Set an alarm on your phone for the same time each day. When it goes off, post about what you’re doing. “I’m not making donuts, but I am filling a cavity! Hope to get home before the snow starts up again.” Or, perhaps, “Just want to give a shout out to Maggie, a young patient of mine who earned her yellow belt in Karate this weekend. Way to go, Maggie! (Wear your mouthguard!!!)”

Get Help

If you have questions about any of these steps, let me know. Just shoot me an email or comment on this post. If you’d like help with social media marketing, content marketing, or building a responsive, SEO-focused website, call me at MDPM Consulting: 972-781-8861.

About the Author: Jill Nastasia, CEO of MDPM Consulting, often posts pictures of her pets: Jackie, a Jack Russel Terrier; Mouse, Meach, and Max, her mixed breed cats. She also posts pics of her participation in very muddy mud runs. Jill has two teenage boys who refuse to be photographed, but she hopes someday they’ll change their minds.