How to Choose a Dental Practice Name

You don’t need any name for your dental office, you need the perfect name. Regardless of whether you’re a new graduate opening a private practice or an experienced dentist prepping to sell your practice in the next few years, serious consideration should go into selecting a dental practice name. Not only will your name influence your persona in your community and the minds of your patients, the wrong practice name could get you into legal trouble. You certainly don’t need that! In this blog, I’ll give you tips for selecting a practice name, making it legal, and developing your brand for optimal success.

Brainstorming Dental Office Names

Not sure where to start? I recommend you call on some of your most trusted professional associates, regardless of dental industry expertise, and have a brainstorming session. You’ll need a large whiteboard and dry erase markers or an online whiteboard if your contributors are remote. Set a timer for 20 minutes and select a secretary. Everyone can begin suggesting names, and the secretary should record them all on the whiteboard. After 20 minutes are up, thank everyone, then sit down by yourself or with your business partner to review the suggestions. Consider that if you use your personal name, selling the practice’s brand may be difficult in the future. Also, if you use your location in the practice name, make certain that it would work if you opened multiple offices in your region.

Making a Dental Practice Name Legal

Once you narrow your possible practice names down to 3 or 4, do a Google search for practices with the name. Which names are most popular? Do any of your competitors use the names? Are the actual domain names available for purchase? Next, do a trademark check at Then, do a state search. Usually, this is done through the Secretary of State. You can Google your state + business name search to find the state’s web resource for this task. You’ll need to file your name with the Secretary of State office, as well. Next, acquire a Fictitious Business name Statement or DBA (doing business as) with the county in which your business will be located. You can then open your bank account and begin advertising with your new dental practice name.

Your Practice Name in Dental Marketing

After you select a name, the next step is designing a logo. You can purchase icons online to use in your logo, or you can have a custom logo designed for only a few hundred dollars with MDPM. Artwork is proprietary. Do not take a logo, image, or picture and claim it as your logo unless you are the original creator. Once the logo is complete, you can move on to designing your business cards, forms, recall cards, signage, website, and advertisements. For a complete start-up marketing plan, MDPM provides complimentary consultations by phone.

Expert Help with Dental Branding

Do you need help with your dental practice name or marketing plan? Call Jill at MDPM today at 972-781-8861. Our strategic branding and marketing packages have helped many dentists launch their careers or prepare for transition, and we’d love to see you succeed!