Facebook & Social Networking Tips for Dentists

  • The Facebook movie, The Social Network, will be in theaters this October.
  • America Has Talent is doing a show on the best of YouTube.
  • Tosh.0 has almost 1.5 million Facebook fans.
  • Half of all Americans use Facebook.

Listen, Doc, I don’t want to bring you down, but if you don’t see that social networking is deeply embedded in our culture; if you think it’s a fad that you’ve chosen to avoid; if you will not leverage social networking to market your dental practice…you are putting big steel walls around your practice’s potential growth.

And, thing is, just having a Facebook page won’t do the job.

On the Modern Dental Practice Marketing fan page this week, I’m sharing daily tips and insight about social networking and social marketing. I’m not sharing the tips on the MDPM Dentists page because I want to draw people to the fan page. Why?

  • While it can be a daunting task to get a ton of people to like your fan page, once folks are there, you’ll have a great opportunity to communicate with them. First of all, businesses are supposed to use fan pages, not profile pages. But that’s not a benefit. That’s a rule. And we do not like all rules. So let’s get to the benefits…
  • People who are not registered Facebook users can access a fan page. That’s nice.
  • Search engines can index fan pages. Rock on!
  • Apps. I used pagemodo to customize my fan page, and there are a ton of other apps you can use. The pagemodo app allowed me to create a custom welcome page for visitors to see… It’s like an advertisement about MDPM. Check it out for yourself. Go to the MDPM fan page and click on the Welcome tab.
  • With a fan page, you can customize quite a bit. In addition to adding template designs like pagemodo, you can have a programmer customize your fan page by using developer apps.
  • Once you acquire 25 fans, you will have the option to select a custom URL. That’s pretty cool. Your URL might be www.facebook.com/bestdentistintheuniverse.
  • You can send fan updates to all of your fans at once, and you can use the calendar to announce events or send reminders.

If you have questions about setting up your Facebook fan page, you can probably get answers on Google or Facebook Help. We’re happy to help, as well. Call Modern Dental Practice Marketing at 972-781-8861, and we’ll talk with you about maximizing your Facebook fan page. We’re in the business to make dentists smile!