Facebook for Business Coming Wednesday!

If Facebook does indeed launch Timeline for business on Wednesday—which is the rumor—dentists should be prepared to update their business page ASAP. You’ll probably have three months to switch your page to Timeline voluntarily before Facebook takes charge and forces the switch.  How much cooler will you look, though, if your page has Timeline before other businesses in your area? Before you dive in, here are three things you need to consider.

The Look
Facebook Timeline features one large banner image, a small overlaid image in the left corner, and thumbnail collages of various things you’ve indicated that you like. You’ll need to determine what your large photo will feature, then plan something for the small photo. Your logo should might be the best option for the small square on the left, next to your page’s name. The banner image can be changed as often as you like – for seasons, holidays, special events, new products, team photos, etc.  Mashable created a sample gallery of potential brands on Timeline.

The Story
As the name indicates, Timeline allows you to share your company story from beginning to present. You can upload photos of yourself from dental school graduation, residency, and opening your private practice. Or, if you prefer, start with the day your practice opened and mark important events along the way – for example “got CEREC” or “launched website” or “Dr. Johnson joined our team.” People like to see the history of companies they do business with, and Timeline affords you the perfect opportunity to share your dental practice’s story.

The Buzz
Keep time in mind when planning your Timeline marketing strategy. Everything that occurs on your Timeline will become part of your history. So, for instance, you might ask smile makeover patients to post their photo and testimonial on your Timeline. Another opportunity might be for you to add video of a mission trip or community event, along with your message about the event.

“What’s in it for me??!!”
Ah, that is the question, for certain. Facebook is what you make it. If you brand your Facebook business profile, manage your page and Timeline wisely, engage in conversation with fans, post photos and videos, and run contests, you might find that Facebook enhances both patient retention and word-of-mouth marketing. Another benefit is, your Facebook profile can come up in Google search, which only expands the potential for your brand’s online marketing success. There is no guarantee that Facebook will do anything for you. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll wake up in the morning. All we can do is make the most of today, and today we have the privilege of participating a potentially beneficial and free marketing tool, Facebook Timeline.

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