What We Do Differently for Dentists

Today, in response to my first post about our SEO service, The Success, I was asked the following question by a periodontist on LinkedIn. I thought I’d share my answer, in case you have the same question!

Q: What separates your product/service from your competition that promises the same response but never seems to deliver??

A: Well, a few things!

1. ALL of our content is original. Instead of starting with techies, we started with copy — because that’s what Google says is most important. In my DFW office, I have a team of copywriters who understand clinical dentistry and SEO. Each of my client dentists has a copywriter on our team. All website content and blogs are completely original, optimized, and clinically accurate.
2. We answer our phones. I’m the COO. My business partner is the CEO. All of our clients have our direct cell phone numbers, and we answer our phones after our clients are finished with their workday — even on weekends.
3. We are a small business, and we understand small business. Read my bio on our blog-site for more information about my philosophy for helping small businesses thrive!
4. We are not impressed by shiny objects. Clients call me every day asking how Yelp, Facebook, or Twitter can improve their patient numbers. The truth is, these companies hold such a small portion of the market, that they are not the best bang for your buck. Google, on the other hand, holds 95% of the market for search and 93% for mobile search. Google is the one to please, and Google says the key to success is in original content. That brings us full circle to our copywriters.
5. I can show you results. Many of our clients are on page one for their targeted keywords, not once but multiple times. We offer a service that includes a monthly report on traffic AND rankings, as well as a one-hour phone call to discuss strategy and marketing, both internal and external.

I’d love the opportunity to review your current online strategy and give you recommendations. If you’d like to talk, just give me a call at 972-781-8861.