Are You an Anonymous Dental Professional?

What is self branding?

Since you’re a dentist, you probably have some understanding of what branding is. In short, branding is the whole concept, idea, and image that a business conveys. Self branding, therefore, is the concept, idea, and image that you convey.

Isn’t my website enough?

If the website is for you, and not your practice, then yes, it is enough. Just enough. You would still do well to have a blog and social media presence.

Why do I need to brand myself?

Maybe you’ll always have the same job you hold today. Maybe you’ll live in the same house and see the same people and love your life forever. But maybe, just maybe (and in all probability) something will change at some point. Perhaps you’ll start a new practice or a new business. Who knows; maybe you’ll move across the country – or to another country. You might decide to become an author after you retire. At that point, will people know who you are? Self branding today gives you a head start on tomorrow.

Then again, maybe you’ve already written a book, spoken at national conventions, mentored young dentists, or started a new professional association. If so, self branding is essential right now. Without it, you’re limiting yourself. Don’t limit yourself. To quote Nelson Mandela, “We must all exceed our own expectations.”

How do I get started with self branding?

First of all, you must ask yourself what concept, idea, and image describes you. Who are you? What do you have to offer the world? What have you done in your life to get to point?

If you think of your person as a product, rather than “just me,” you can market yourself, brand yourself, and make a name for yourself. Start by coming up with goals and a personal mission statement. Decide who you are and where you might want to go with your career.

How do I actually brand myself?

The most effective means of self branding today is right at your fingertips: The Internet. Get on LinkedIn and Facebook if you haven’t already. Start a blog or, at the least, get a good webpage on your name’s domain. If you have a common name and the domain is not available, consider variations of your name.


You get the idea.

And if you need help, call MDPM. We’re here to show you the ropes or do all the work for you. Just call 972-781-8861 and speak with Jill.