Aligning Generosity with Dental Marketing

Have you heard the term Generation G? It’s the marketing strategy that experts claim is highly effective in our faltering economy. Generation G stands for generosity and giving. The philosophy is, a business should show that it is interested and involved, loyal to the community that supports it. To a dentist, this type of marketing involves volunteering and community service.

Many dental practices participated in Halloween Candy Buy Back this past week. Just today, I read that Operation Freedom is weighing all the loot (candy) to send it to the troops. It’s great!

But I want you to think for a moment, what volunteer activity will appeal to your target market? If you see families and children, or if you provide orthodontic services to kids, Halloween Candy Buy Back is a great way to get local families to see your commitment to American troops. Your event could pull in new patients, families who need a general dentist. Another good opportunity for family dentists is to supply the area schools with free mouthguards for their athletes. You could speak on oral health at neighborhood schools and day cares, as well.

But what if your target market is cosmetics or implants or sleep apnea treatment? An event that draws young parents and children won’t be much help to your marketing strategy.

It’s time to regroup and think outside your little box.

A cosmetic dentist might volunteer services to makeover women who have suffered domestic abuse. He may offer discounted teeth whitening to people who are searching for a job.

An implant dentist could also work with a charity that provides dental work to adults who cannot afford it. Speaking at local nursing homes and senior centers is another good idea.

As for sleep apnea treatment, education is definitely the way to go. Create a website or blog dedicated to sharing information, free of charge, to people suffering with sleep apnea or snoring. Truckers, pilots, and people who work overnight – policemen, firemen, hospital personnel – would be an ideal audience for education on sleep disorders and treatment.

While generosity should be freely given, it is not unreasonable to consider your business interests when planning volunteer activities for yourself and your team. Taking this a step further, I recommend you publish a page on your blog or website about your community service activities. And just one more step, be sure to send out press releases before events you host and after projects you participate in. For instance, for Halloween Candy Buy Back, you’d send out a press release before the event – and maybe after if you had good results. For a smile makeover donation, you’d send out the email afterward with before-and-after photos and a testimonial (anonymous, of course).

If you need help planning your marketing for 2011, call Jill at 972-781-8861. She’ll send you an online questionnaire, then follow up with a scheduled conference call to strategize with you.