10 Tips for Promoting Your Dental Office

Since the big bang of cosmetic dentistry has begun to falter, many dentists are left in a marketing void. How can a cosmetic dentist transfer back into doing a lot of bread-and-butter, general dentistry? Perhaps you’ve invested a lot of time and money into marketing cosmetics, only to find that the trend became commonplace. While you may have extensive training and a great before-and-after gallery, most consumers believe that all dentistry should be cosmetic these days. The upper middle class public is well versed in the top cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening, veneers, and invisible orthodontics. Now, your cosmetic practice has to compete with other cosmetic dentists, as well as all general dentists. Don’t worry. I have 10 tips that, if you follow them, will keep the calls coming, the chairs filled, and the bills paid.

  1. Branding & Signage: If your sign says “cosmetic dentist,” that’s exactly what people think you are. Add “and general” to your description, and consider including “family dentist,” if the term applies. See more about dental logos here. 
  2. Website: Your website should reflect your image and appeal to your target market. A template site without a strategy won’t do much good. You need a website that sets you apart from other dentists, and that site should be well optimized for search and mobile compatible. Learn more about dental websites here. 
  3. Blog: Google’s experts say that there’s no excuse for a business not blogging. Today, blogs are an essential component of competitive online marketing and search engine optimization. Read about dental blogs here.
  4. Social Media: All businesses need a presence on Facebook. Not only will it help with SEO, but a Facebook profile makes a dentist seem more technically up to date. Image is important! Find out more about social media marketing here. 
  5. Articles & PR: Articles and press releases about your practice, services, events, and new employees can become a strategic part of an online marketing campaign. Gone are the days when press releases had to be peddled to newspapers and radio stations. Today, articles and press releases help with SEO. Read about content marketing here. 
  6. Eblasts/Newsletters: Keeping a patient costs a lot less than replacing one. In addition, word-of-mouth (or word-of-mouse) marketing is the most economical and rewarding type of advertising. A monthly e-blast or newsletter will allow your brand to remain in your patients’ minds between their visits. Electronic reminders also provide a digital tool for quick and easy word-of-mouse marketing. Eblasts can be emailed or posted to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn with the click of a button. We create newsletters and eblasts – learn more here.
  7. Ask for Referrals: Don’t forget to ask your patients for referrals. Find the phrasing that you feel comfortable using, and start telling your returning patients that you want to take care of their friends, family, and coworkers.
  8. Testimonials: In the past, a written note card of thanks from a patient made staff and dentist feel like they did a good job. Today, online testimonials, like those posted on Yelp and Google+ Local, can significantly help SEO and rankings. If you don’t have a plan in place to acquire patient testimonials, it’s worth your time to create one. A few good reviews could score you page-one rankings.
  9. Videos: Videos are a great way to show off your office, staff, technology, and personality. Video patient testimonials are also impressive. But if you take the time to create videos, don’t forget to optimize them so that they show up in Google search results. Videos need a keyword-rich script behind them so that they can become an active part of your SEO strategy.
  10. Photos: A picture’s worth a thousand words, they say. With dentistry, it’s true. Before-and-after photos, smiling patients, happy staff, and a clean, welcoming office can all be conveyed in photos. Make sure that your website, blog, and Facebook page are well peppered with your original photographs – not just stock images. Technology is great, but the heart of dentistry is personal – it’s about people. Photos can convey that you still believe, people come first.

To learn more about building a thriving practice in a waning market, call MDPM Consulting today for a free marketing analysis. Jill, our CEO and  seasoned dental marketing consultant, will be happy to answer all of your questions. Our team will analyze your online presence, interview you about your current and past marketing, as well as your target market, then create a practical success plan with measurable goals. Call today: 972-781-8861, or email info@moderndentalmarketing.com.