Should I Pay For Better Google Placement?

SEO conceptBetter Google placement is not the only way to make sure people find your dental office, but it is an important one. Many potential patients can be counted on to use the search engine to see who provides oral health care near them, and your ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) can be crucial to reaching them. With that in mind, you may feel that your best shot at filling out your appointment book lies in purchasing space among Google’s sponsored posts. Can doing so help you rocket to the top of the right search queries and bring more people to your website? There are advantages to paid SEO (search engine optimization), but without the right guidance, you may end up spending more and gaining less in the long term.

MDPM Dental Marketing provides long-term SEO support that includes help with the design and maintenance of your website, the creation of original content, and more efforts at fostering sustainable and organic growth. Through a better long-term strategy, it is easier to keep your reach extended and have more impact from online marketing. With that said, we can work with you on including paid SEO as part of that long-term plan to support your practice.

Sponsored Links Can Be Prominent On Google Search Results

Simply put, a successful sponsored post can give you an enviable placement in the right search results pages. The links Google displays in their sponsored space sit at the top of their first page, making them the among the first that someone will see as they browse the links they receive after entering a search request. The visibility alone makes paid SEO, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, something worth thinking about if you want to attract more people to your website. That prominence can certainly help, but you may run into different issues if you pursue this without the right guidance. That paid visibility can be costly, and if it is not leading to site visits that turn into office visits, you can see less value from your spending than you anticipate.

What Makes Paid SEO Different From Organic SEO?

Paid and organic SEO are two approaches that can help you reach more people with your online marketing. Paid SEO involves payment to market your links and make sure they are placed at the tops of the right Google searches. Organic SEO refers to different strategies that incorporate better website maintenance and the creation of original site content to make sure your site has more apparent value to search engine algorithms. We recommend an online marketing strategy that relies on organic growth, as doing so can help you sustain your visibility and continue to reach people. It also removes the need to continuously pay for placement in the sponsored posts, which lowers your marketing costs.

Paying For Better Search Rankings Can Be Trickier Than You Expect

Once you start paying for sponsored posts, you can hope that your online marketing needs are completely resolved. Unfortunately, you can find that this strategy is not as effective as you hoped it would be. One reason is that there is still competition among the people who pay for this placement and a limited number of spaces available for links. You may not appear in as many searches as you anticipated because of this. Another concern is that setting up paid SEO on your own can lead to oversights and missteps that make your reach less effective. This can mean that your links are showing up in the wrong searches, and the site visits you pay for fail to result in more appointments.

Paid SEO can be effective, but it can be smarter to use it as part of a broader strategy for content marketing. We can help you in both effectively starting a paid campaign and in seeing how this fits in with your overall goals for growing your practice.

Making Smart Use Of Both Paid Search Ranking Placement And Organic SEO

While it can be difficult to see the improvements to site traffic you want by fully trusting paid SEO, the right guidance can make it an effective part of a larger marketing plan. We take the time to learn your immediate and long-term goals for online marketing, and we can present different strategies to help you reach your goals. When your plans include both paid and organic SEO, you can see the immediate benefits of greater visibility as well as more support and growth for your site in the long term. In addition to offering advice on when to employ paid SEO and for how long, we can make sure everything is in place to put you in the most advantageous position with PPC marketing!

Talk To MDPM Dental Marketing About Improving Your Visibility In The Right Search Results

While paid SEO can provide benefits, there are issues you can encounter with it, particularly if you are trying to take on this kind of marketing without the appropriate guidance. If you would like to learn more about how we can answer questions about paid SEO and address larger concerns about online marketing, please contact MDPM Dental Marketing at 972.781.8861!