Understanding Organic And Paid SEO

SEO conceptYou can provide important information about your practice on your website. Details about your staff, your services, and the ways in which you can be reached can be easy to discover as visitors browse your different site pages. While you can easily share your website information with patients at your practice, you also want people who have never met you to locate you online—to ensure that people can do so, you need to think about your SEO efforts.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which refers to efforts that make your site links more appealing to Google and other search engines. A number of factors affect just how likely you are to appear in relevant searches. The content on your pages, the quality of your site, visitor experiences, and even technical details can shift your space on search engine results pages (SERPs). MDPM Dental Marketing provides important support in the form of organic SEO, which refers to efforts that help you maintain a site that has more appeal to the Google algorithm. This differs from what is known as paid SEO, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Sites can pay to have their links appear in the ads section of relevant search results in order to gain visibility. Organic efforts can offer lasting value and do not depend on recurring payments, but you can benefit from the addition of PPC marketing to reach more people. We can help you understand the advantages to each, and we can work with you to create an overall marketing strategy that truly benefits your practice!

SEO And Your Online Visibility

Simply put, your website will remain hard for people to find if you do not put time and effort into SEO. With these efforts, you will have an easier time making sure your links are easier to locate when people turn to Google to find dental care in your area. How should you make sure people find your website? You have the option to directly pay for access to the paid promotion sections of Google’s SERPs. These spaces are highly placed, making them hard to miss. Because there is a chance at this direct benefit, paid SEO can have a strong appeal. The trouble is that if you are unsure of how to market this way, you can see less return on investment. Even if you do boost your visibility, you will have to keep paying to keep your links prominent. Organic SEO can take time to succeed, but a focus on making your site more attractive to Google’s algorithm can lead to long-term growth, which can be easier and less costly to sustain over a longer period. Focusing on both of these efforts may prove to be the right strategy, as they both help you with both immediate and later goals.

How We Help Boost Your Organic SEO

The “right” strategy for site maintenance and marketing will change over time, as search algorithms are regularly updated to make sure people find truly helpful information online. With that said, organic SEO can have long-term value because it focuses on what makes sites appealing to people. Our support focuses on the user experience because it provides what Google and other platforms ultimately want their users to have. We can work with you to determine what can be done to make your links more appealing, which means you can start seeing more value from your digital presence.

Based on the state of your current online presence, we can discuss different strategies for marketing you to the people in your area. Site content that is original, appealing to readers, and able to establish authority to visitors can boost your reach. It can also help to include technical information on every page that algorithms can scan and read. Not only will this provide more technical detail, it can add information to SERPs, making your links more informative. If your website is outdated and not running as well as it used to, we can discuss the advantages to a redesign or a new site.

Should Paid SEO Be Part Of Your Overall Marketing Efforts?

Because it takes time for organic SEO efforts to produce big changes, it can help to have assistance from paid SEO at certain periods. We can talk about when incorporating this into your plans is a good idea. We can also take on these efforts to ensure that you see a real return on this investment. If you simply put money into certain links without researching what makes paid site support more effective, and without thinking about what digital searches you want to appear in, you can fail to gain from your investment.

We Offer Support In SEO, Website Design, And Online Reputation Management

We can fully support your online marketing efforts and website maintenance. This can make keeping up with your online platforms easier, and it removes concerns you will need to coordinate with several third parties to support your website. Our custom site designs help you keep a modern, user-friendly digital presence—just as your waiting room can make a good first impression in person, your website makes an important first impression before you even know that someone knows about you. Ongoing assistance with your website and social media channels keeps you online and ensures you keep making yourself available to potential and current patients!

Talk To MDPM Dental Marketing About SEO And The Success Of Your Dental Office!

You put the time and effort into maintaining a practice people want to visit. Through our SEO support, we can put the right time and effort into supporting you through digital marketing efforts that let more people know about you and the services you provide. We are happy to talk with you about our services and the role we can play in supporting your office. For more information, please contact MDPM Dental Marketing today at 972.781.8861!