Website Features You May Be Missing

woman happy looking at website Can you still count on your website to reach people in your area and bring in more patients for your dental practice? Over time, a site that was optimized for SEO can fall in relevant search rankings, even though nothing about it has changed. That stasis can be the root of your trouble—as new features and site technology are introduced, newer pages gain advantages over yours. Between this phenomenon and shifting preferences for site design, you can find that your pages need to be updated or even replaced if you want to maintain SEO and keep attracting new people to your office.

MDPM Dental Marketing has experience in assisting clients as changes to technology and design affect SEO priorities. One way we can help is by offering a free site audit, which can help you understand how your site might have fallen behind. Different qualities like a responsive design and interactive features can be vital to regaining your hold on digital marketing hold. In addition to helping you on these fronts, we provide original site content, social media assistance, and more forms of support to help you grow your practice!

Changes In Design Preferences And Website Technology Can Impact Your SEO

Your website is receiving fewer and fewer visitors, and you find it is becoming harder to find even when you search online for topics that should be relevant to it. Did you do something wrong? Is the site broken in some way? If you see less value in your site today than you did when it first launched, the problem simply be with its age. Design preferences change over time, and so does technology that impacts what a website can do. These changes, along with changes in your relative load speed, can hurt your SEO. This is why regular reviews and updates are recommended—without them, you can see dwindling value from your online presence.

Do You Have A Responsive Web Design?

One important change is in the ability of a site to “respond” to the size of the screen used to view it. A responsive web design makes your pages easier to browse on any device, so a tablet or phone can make it look as natural as it would on a laptop or desktop screen. Lacking this feature can make your pages less accessible to many people performing online searches, and it can ultimately hurt your SEO. We can help you understand the importance of this feature, and we can design a site that boasts it.

The Positive Impact Of Interactive Site Features

What does your site offer your existing patients? How easy does it make setting an appointment for someone who will visit you for the first time? Many modern websites now boast interactive features that let them do more from your pages. You can more easily share updates about policy changes, closures, and more that you want people to know from a modern website. You can also set up a chat function that lets patients reach you more easily, offer accessibility features required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and provide payments. While these kinds of features can be difficult to fit onto an older website, the benefits can help make the appeal of setting up a new one clear.

Creating A Smart Strategy For Long-Term SEO

The right long-term strategy for SEO is about more than just creating a website and monitoring it to make sure it runs properly. We provide a comprehensive approach to online marketing and website support that includes the creation of original, relevant content, social media activity, and more to keep you visible. Digital marketing can be vital to the success of any small business, but it can require knowledge and support in different areas. By providing technical support, offering content creation and support for your social media spaces, and providing important overviews of your digital efforts, we can help you enjoy lasting support for your practice! To help extend your reach further, we also offer reputation management support and guidance on smartly deployed paid SEO campaigns.

What Is Your Website Missing? A Site Audit Can Help You Find Out!

Our complimentary site audits help people with older sites understand why a change is in order, and they help them determine what those changes should include. Major absences like the lack of interactive features or a responsive design can be concerning. You should also be aware of how slower load times, dated design choices, and other factors can influence SEO. By providing an audit that speaks to your ability to reach people, we can give you the context needed to move forward confidently with improvements.

Talk To MDPM Consulting About Your Website And The Features You Need To Reach More People

Older websites, as well as those that were poorly designed or maintain, can fail to deliver on the kind of marketing support they originally promised. Between our free site audits and our full support in matters of digital marketing, we can help you see the value that you want from your site! We are happy to answer questions that you may have about a site audit, our SEO strategy, and more so that you have the right information. To find out more, please contact MDPM Dental Marketing at 972.781.8861!