Client Feature: Santa Rosa Oral Surgery

Above all else, websites are meant to be helpful. They’re a place where your clients can quickly find the information they need. That’s why site design and layout are so important. When you create your website map, you should have your users’ interests in mind. Our clients at Santa Rosa Oral Surgery make great use of their sitemap. They even incorporate the use of a microsite for information on dental implants to help funnel patients to the correct place. That’s why we’re giving a shout out to this week’s featured client: Santa Rosa Oral Surgery.

Organizing the Information on Your Website Starts with a Client Profile

When you start from scratch, developing the concept for an entire website can be overwhelming. To narrow down the possibilities, you should put yourself in the mind of your client. Create a client profile by determining the demographic information about your typical clientele. What services are they looking for? Why do they typically choose your practice? When you answer these questions, you can better decide how to organize the information on your website to optimize its usability.

Santa Rosa specializes in oral surgery, so they’ve broken out their services under one tab. They also have a tab full of patient information and forms, so that patients can complete important paperwork before arriving at the office.

A Microsite Can Help Compartmentalize Specific Information

Santa Rosa also utilizes a microsite for dental implants. This micro site is a contained, search-optimized space where patients who need information specifically about dental implants can find it. The microsite serves two functions for Santa Rosa. The first is that the site is optimized for people who would be searching queries related to dental implants. The second is that it creates fewer clicks for patients who land on the site.

Learn How to Optimize Your Web Presence Like Santa Rosa Oral Surgery

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