Client Feature: CIDKC

We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to work with amazing clients from across the country. MDPM Consulting wouldn’t be what it is today without the excellent practices we service, so we like to spotlight our friends from time to time. Today on the blog, we’re giving a shoutout to Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City. CIDKC is a practice that is (as you could probably guess) based in Kansas City. It’s celebrating its one-year anniversary of being open on Monday! This practice has been a wonderful client that has built a following by staying active on social media.

CIDKC Prides Itself on Taking a Personal Approach to Dentistry

Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City provides a full range of dental services. Of course, cosmetic procedures and dental implants are its specialty, but more than a list of services, CIDKC focuses on how it provides service to patients. A personal approach is key for this practice. Providing the right treatment based on the patient’s individual needs and situation helps the patient have the best experience possible.

CIDKC Also Helps Patients with Sleep Disorders

It has become increasingly popular for dentists to help their clients with sleep disorders like bruxism and sleep apnea. When patients can address these problems during their dental visits, they’re more likely to tackle them. Many practices have even begun offering take home test kits for sleep apnea and bruxism. This way patients can avoid having to set up a hassle-inducing visit to the hospital for a sleep study. Adding value to your patients’ experience is a good way to keep them coming back.

CIDKC Has Extended Its Marketing Efforts with a Local TV Commercial

We’re also thrilled to see CIDKC broadening its marketing horizons. This practice recently began running a local television commercial, which is a huge step for any practice. Taking a varied approach to marketing helps you reach a greater swath of potential clients. We’re excited to see how this practice continues to grow in the future.

If You’d Like to Reach More Potential Patients, Work with MDPM

MDPM Consulting caters to dental practices across the country. We specialize in custom website builds and SEO content creation that can help new patients find you. Dentistry is the industry we know and love, so we’re also always looking to share tips and success stories of other practices. If you’d like to take a data-driven approach to marketing for your practice, contact MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.