How Do I Handle A Negative Review About My Practice?

While you may take a meticulous approach to managing the experience of each of your patients, negative reviews about your practice will still happen. Even the most proactive dental practices still have to address online criticism. And make no mistake, you should address it. Managing your online reputation is so important to the health of your practice. At this point, people trust an aggregate of positive online reviews almost as much as they trust first-hand reviews, so ignoring this facet of your business isn’t an option. Here’s how you can handle a negative review about your practice.

Address the Negative Review in a Prompt, Polite, and Concise Fashion

These are the three adjectives that you should keep in mind when addressing a review. Obviously addressing the negative review promptly helps expedite the process of repairing the relationship.  If you’re addressing a review publicly on Facebook or Google, other potential patients will see it. This is good news, because you can already begin to manage your reputation with your response. Be polite and avoid the urge to take the negative review personally.

Providing a concise response helps the patient (and others reading) find a solution quickly. Too much information in a response can be overwhelming. For a lengthier discussion, you can invite the patient to contact your office directly or to send you a direct message on Facebook.

If You Feel that You’re the Victim of a Fake Review, You Should Take Action

As frustrating as it is, fake reviews are a real problem that small businesses face online. Whether it’s from a competitor, a disgruntled employee, or someone just looking to cause problems, not every review is genuine. If you believe that a fake review has been posted on Google or Facebook, you should still respond. You can also flag the review to have Google or Facebook look at it. You’ll want to gather information about where the review came from and why you believe it is fake so that you’re ready when an administrator reaches out to you.

Let MDPM Manage Your Online Reputation Efficiently

We understand the power that online reviews can have. In addition to building websites and providing content, we’re also happy to manage your practice’s reputation online. When you receive a negative review, we’ll ask you for information about the patient, appointment, and service. We’ll respond to the review promptly, politely, and concisely while making sure to adhere to HIPAA standards. To learn more about how MDPM can help manage your practice’s online reputation, call our Dallas, TX office at 972-781-8861.