How Do You Write Social Media Statuses?

When you share content on various social networking sites, you don’t just add a link and call it a day. In addition to a photo or video in your post, you also need the status! This consists of one to three sentences about your post, why people should read it, and possibly some quick contact info. But since each social networking site is different, how do you write the status?

Why Do We Need Social Media?

Social media allows you to keep contact with current patients and reach out to people in their circle of friends and followers. When you share interesting content, you can help your practice stand out, attracting new patients while keeping your office fresh in the minds of your current ones. Social media is a free and easy means of marketing your practice.

Writing for Social Networking Sites

  • Facebook: By a significant margin, Facebook is the most used and populated of the social media platforms. However, studies show that people prefer statuses with less text and pictures/videos(This study shows that statuses with fewer than 80 characters enjoy 66% more engagement). So, keep it simple, keep it short!
  • Instagram: While Instagram doesn’t have a word limit, your lengthy paragraphs could be cut off after just three lines. So, keep your status within this. In addition, Instagram allows you to make use of hashtags and @mentions, which you should also do with your statuses.
  • Twitter: The maximum word length of 140 characters already keeps your status short, but don’t forget about your hashtags! These are vital for Twitter posts, allowing you to link to relevant subjects and helping you be discovered. For example, a post about teeth whitening may include #teethwhitening or #brightersmiles.

We can Help!

We know that not everyone has the time to post, much less to multiple platforms. Fortunately, we have a kit that can help! Free for our clients with a monthly SEO package and $99 for everyone else, the kit includes three statuses a week for an entire month, with a new kit arriving before the next month begins. You can post yourself or a member of our team can do it for you!

Do you have questions about posing to social networking sites? Would you like to learn more about monthly kit? We can help! Send MDPM an email at:, or give us a call at 972-781-8861. Talk to MDPM Consulting today!