How Do You Improve SEO In Person?

When we talk about SEO, we often talk about going local: Targeting your community with online marketing techniques that address their needs and questions, making you one of the first results for a local search. While organic keyword placement, linking building, and other local techniques are valuable, what about face-to-face SEO? Of course, we don’t mean that you can directly impact rankings in person the same way keywords or link building can, but we do believe that poor customer service can end up having a negative impact on your rankings, even if you have solid SEO practices.

Good Customer Service=Good Reviews

One way to improve SEO from your office is to promote positive patient interactions. When patients have a comfortable and enjoyable experience at your office, they are more likely to leave positive experiences on Facebook or Google. However, if you have poor experiences then you could receive bad reviews that in time, could impact your rankings. Even the most solid SEO strategies won’t do your practice much good if patients are consistently reporting negative experiences at the office.

Be Consistent

Look at reviews for a local restaurant or a dental practice. Often, the bad reviews aren’t for something shocking, like finding a dead rat in the salad or realizing the hygienist is actually on the FBI’s most wanted list, hiding out in plain site as a mild-mannered dental hygiene expert.

Lack of consistency is often the number one complaint. Office hours that don’t match what the website says, confusing contact information (Always make sure your name, address, and phone number are the same on social media and your website), and long wait times will quickly lead to bad reviews. Be consistent!

We can Help!

Do you have questions about improving your face-to-face interactions with patients? As a marketing company, we have experience addressing these issues and would be happy to help you and your team foster a positive environment at the office. We can also answer any questions you may have about reviews, SEO, and social media.

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