What Can You Learn From #NuggsForCarter?

If you’re active on Twitter, did you happen to see your friends, family, and maybe even other businesses, retweeting a 16-year-old’s quest for a year’s supply of free nuggets? From Reno, NV, Carter Wilkerson tweeted Wendy’s Twitter account with a simple request: How many retweets would earn him a year of free nuggets? The company’s response, and the ensuing social media campaign, is a major lesson in client engagement.

What Happened?

Wendy’s replied succinctly with: 18 million. Carter then started a campaign that attracted celebrities and other major companies (seriously, Google and Amazon retweeted and shared with their followers). In a month, he set the record for most retweets at 3.42 million. Wendy’s granted his wish. Now, what does this very odd and slightly heart-warming Twitter saga have to teach us?

The Importance of Engagement

In the end, Carter received a gift card for his year’s supply of nuggets and Wendy’s donated $100,000in his name to the Dave Thomas Foundation. But what did the fast food giant gain? First, they netted more followers on social media after media outlets started commenting on the company’s online presence and sense of humor. They had people talking about a business almost constantly.

That’s the importance of engagement. When you talk to your followers and friends online, even if they ask silly questions, you’re engaging in positive reputation management. In addition, even the business that did little more than retweet and share were viewed in a positive light.

Social Media and SEO

If you have a social media person, have him or her engage with patients whenever possible. However, be sure to have clear parameters about what is and isn’t appropriate for your practice. Social media can offer a host of benefits, including SEO. Google often takes notice of a company that is active on one or more social networks, as this level of customer engagement is taken into account when ranking sites.

We can Help!

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