How Should You Handle Negative Reviews?

As a dentist and as a business owner, you need reviews and testimonials to tell potential clients why they should select you. However, that doesn’t mean every piece of feedback you receive will be positive. Hubspot recently featured a blog where 57 professionals offered advice on dealing with negative feedback. So, what does MDPM Consulting recommend for responding to less than happy people online? How should you handle negative reviews?

Always Respond

When someone posts a negative review to your Facebook or Google page, don’t ignore it. The best option is to address the problem head on and respond.

Stay Positive

However! Responding defensively or out of anger can hurt you just as much. Instead, apologize for their less than positive experience and invite them to contact you to remedy the situation. If you can offer a solution, the person may retract the negative review, or at least post an update that you worked with them to find a solution. Even if they don’t, responding courteously and calmly can help you look professional.

Enlist Satisfied Patients

You probably have a long list of very satisfied patients, so why not ask them to leave a review? You can post a status on social media, a sign at the office, or have staff ask them as they leave. Being asked up front to leave a testimonial or review may encourage them to do so, and positive reviews on your Facebook or Google page can definitely help someone undecided to decide on you and your team.

We Can Help!

If you need help, give us a call! We can help you set up our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” promotion, in which your practice awards patients that leave a review with a $5 Starbucks card. Many of our clients have had great success with this promotion. We can discuss other ways to encourage your patients to leave their thoughts, too (without bugging or harassing them about it, of course!)

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