Creating Content For The Social Media Age

We don’t consume information online the way we would in say, a book. We tend to skim. We tend to share without reading; and we tend to get bored with large blocks of text. So how do you create interesting content in the social media age? There are a few tips for making your content more friendly for modern users, including formatting, adding visual components, and finding out what your patients are interested in.

Find Out What Patients Are Interested In

What you write and share on your social media posts should speak to the people you want to attract to your office. As their dentist, you should have an idea of what issues are important to them. In addition, you can also run informal polls on your social media accounts occasionally, asking questions about what people prefer in their dental experience. The results can be eye-opening and provide you with information regarding blog topics. Since blogs are also designed to boost your professional reputation, consider guest blogging. Sharing what you’ve written on other reputable sites can definitely assist a potential patient in the decision-making process.

Reader-Friendly Formatting

You need to understand that your patients won’t consume content online they way they do in person or when reading a book. Long, clinical posts can be intimidating. Break up your text with headers, shifts in formatting (try a quiz or Q&A), pictures, and videos. While your posts should be clinically accurate, write them in a less formal style to make them more appealing. Remember, in the age of social media we’re trained to consume content quickly, and often just by briefly skimming an article.

We Can Help!

We have a team of copywriters and graphic designers to help create content for your blog and website. We can make sure the posts, pages, and graphics fit your unique business personality as well. Give our team a call today!

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